"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Festival and Fasting

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In the journey of life, we all have seen such people who has the habit of giving lecture in every matter, it does not matter what’s the topic is, they can make arguments and can talk for long time on any topic because they know everything!!!! whether its politics or religious matters, or physics, chemistry, biology or literature. We all know that in most of the cases they talk very rubbish, illogical and meaningless.

I have met a category of people who have the habit of giving Gyaan on fasting in different religious festivals, what they say is...

 “Atma ke kosto diye kono labh hoi na”

In hindi…”atma ko taqleef de kar kuchh haasil nehi hota”

In English…”You can’t achieve anything by giving pain to your soul”

Many times I have heard this from different people. Even in a cookery show I heard that the host of the show is giving such lecture, I was about to make the request to the host that…”you are hosting a cooking show, what’s the necessity to give lecture on philosophical (spiritual) matters?”

Now-a- days whenever I meet such people I keep my mouth shut, it’s always better not to waste your energy arguing with these types of people, if you think that you will suggest them any book and they will listen to your words then it’s your biggest wrong thought. Because these types of people have no mentality to learn, they know everything and they like to give lecture on everything, they simply don’t understand the simple thing that …why people will listen to them?

I don’t know about other religion but I have learned from Srimadbahgvat Geeta, it says….

Nainang chhindanti shastrani, nainang dohoti paboko

Na chaining kledoyotoppo na soshoyoti maruto.

(Chapter2, verse 23)

Means…weapons can’t injure the soul, fire cant burn the soul, water can’t wet it and air can’t absorb it” 

The Hindus, who have the habit of fasting in different religious festivals they believe in this sloka.

Soul is something that can’t be burnt in fire, can’t be injured through any weapon etc …then how the soul can get pain or trouble for not having mundane foods?

When anyone attains the level of realization he can feel that he does not feel any trouble when he is fasting, it’s our body that needs mundane food, not the soul.

Let me tell you the truth, what I feel about these types of people…either they are non-believers of existence of God or they believe in the existence of God but they have no knowledge in spiritual matters or they are too much food lovers, this is the reason they can’t even imagine about fasting.

The fact is…when you have deep respect, deep faith and deep love…you will face no problem to sacrifice the mundane foods for fasting. Sacrifice is the one of the toughest thing to do…

What I wanna make request to these types of people that…you live with your beliefs and please don’t hurt the beliefs of others especially when the right path is already shown in the religious books.

At the end I must admit that though I am not food lover but I can’t imagine a day without foods, fasting is hard and one more thing is….I don’t have as much as deep belief in the existence of God that I will fast.

आप सबको मेरी तरफ से नबरात्री कि हार्दिक शुभ कामनाए.

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