"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


An Unsolved Question---A Short Half Fiction

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From the day of our patch up I was thinking to ask her the question. In a different way the question was torturing me.

Lots of people including her closed ones are responsible for the question that aroused into my mind. Whenever and wherever any person who has seen her or met her for long or short time, everyone made the same comment about her. I always became surprised whenever I have heard different people making the same comment about her. It was not easy to ask her the question coz it could create a distance in our relationship. So first I asked a person who is closed to her, the person did not take my question seriously and replied….”you should know the answer, above all you are in love with her for so many years, and I think you are joking.”

The answer made me upset, but I had to get the answer, I asked one of her friends, she replied….”we say what she is that’s all, and we tell the truth”.

I asked two-three more persons but none of them taken me seriously. So, I thought that it’s better to read some books to get the answer, coz books have the answer of every question, i read lots of books and watched some TV shows also to get my answer but I failed.

Finally I decided to ask her the question and it’s better to get the answer from her, there should be transparency in our relationship and there is no place of hesitation in love.

Yesterday the weather was very pleasant, we were in the terrace of her house and drinking hot coffee, she reserved more coffee in a flux, we decided to spent a long time together, observing her in a very romantic mood I decided to ask her the question, so gathering lots of courage and being prepared that after the question it will take time to rebuild our relationship I went for it…

I: hey, it seems you are in a very good mood.

With a sweet smile in her face she replied: yes I am, I always remain in a romantic mood when you are with me, when will you understand this fact?

I: ok, look I have a question in my mind for long years, I tried to get the answer but failed, today I am going to ask you and you have to make promise that without being angry you will answer my question.

She: ok, I will try my best.  But first you tell me why you did not ask it earlier and kept it inside you? I am always there to help you.

I: later I will not do so; actually the question is about you.

She: ok, tell me

So finally I asked her the question….

I: why everyone who sees you for long or short time and your closed ones also makes the comment that you are “tremendously beautiful”?

My heart was beating like drumbeats after asking the question, gathering courage to meet a short break-up for sure and then……. she hold my face in her palms kissed all over my face…my chicks, my forehead, my nose, my eyes and finally my lips and looking straight to my eyes she replied…

I know you don’t know why people say that I am very beautiful and I think you never need to get the answer.

Some water droplets came out from her eyes and she hides her face in my chest hugging me tightly.

The question is still unsolved…..

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