"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Uncertainity Principle, Society And Myths

yah , yah, i am talking about Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, those who have science background are well acquainted with this principle but those who don't have let me explain you in short...The position and momentum(Mass x Velocity) both cant be measured exactly at the same time.
Means, if in a certain time you are able to calculate the exact position then it will not be possible for you to calculate the exact value of momentum at that time and vice versa.

Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is one of the basic principles of quantum mechanics which deals with wave nature of particles.

Now think about the stone age or something like that time period, i mean the time when the human beings used to live in caves, did they have any idea about why it rains? yes, it was certain that water droplets fall from sky but they did not know why ? so the concept of creating rain God came into existence and worshiping that God during drought became a practice. May be you can raise question behind this thought but to make you more sure let me remind you about the tradition of worshiping God during solar eclipse, it was the belief of the people that due to two demons Rahu and Ketu the solar eclipse takes place, Rahu swallows sun and gradually sun comes out from other side because  Rahu is a head only while ketu is his rest of the body part, the original reason were not known so the concept of Rahu's swallowing came into existence, now the question is who brought this idea ? as i have shared in my earlier post titled...  The Ordered Society  in ancient India some genius scientists had deeper knowledge in different fields of science but on the other hand education was not so common, so they used to attach religious sentiment so that people perform the right jobs and get benefited, its true that after the sunset its not healthy to take foods, so to prevent the people from taking food during solar eclipse they attached a religious sentiment and made the people busy in worship and kirtan during solar eclipse.

when its about carrier or job its true that if you continue your efforts one day you will surely find a way out, you will not be a total failure at least, may be for some reasons it will not be possible for you to achieve what you exactly wanted but at least you will not be considered as total waist, somehow you will manage to do something, may be you have to accept  private job  when you wanted to be a govt officer, may be you have to go for business being unable to continue your study for some reason or not being selected in any interview but at the end you will be able to earn two ends meal; and necessary amount of money for your family, may be your status will not be something like upper middle class or middle class but there is a certainty that you will not be a total failure person, so here lies the certainty when you are fighting for your dreams, achievements and goals. When it is certain(Not a total waste) then you can ignore fate or God related to this issue. This is the reason it is said to the students...don't seat ideally depending on God, if you work hard, if you can take right decision at right moment and continue your fight facing the obstacles then one day you will surely be self dependent at least.

When we are not more than 80% sure about any incident which is gonna take place we have the habit to attach the name of God or ask help from him, just like....when someone starting a journey we greet him/her saying ...wish you a happy journey" means i am wishing that your journey becomes a happy one, but the question is..."wishing" to whom? obviously to the almighty who can control everything. Here also you can find the existence of Uncertainty principle,like...if anyone can be sure about the route but cant be sure whether he/she will meet any accident or not and if he/she takes care of a safe journey taking every step very carefully  then he/she can give guarantee that accident will not take place but cant make sure about the route ,so either you can be sure about the route or you can be sure that no accident will take place...both cant be exactly calculated simultaneously.

The problem becomes toughest one when its about human psychology, its really very tough to understand a human being, human psychology is one of the toughest subject cause it can exhibit any activity at any time, we all know this, no one can be cent percent sure about the activities of any human being, specially when you did not have spent longer time with him or her, a man can change with the experiences and with time and what the change will be is totally uncertain, if you ever have spent long time reading or trying to know human psychology then you are aware of it.

so what to do, marriage is one of the most necessary concept for the society to run the society in an ordered way and to keep a discipline but on the other hand, no one (Except God) can be sure about any human being because its become more important when you are taking decision to spend entire life with someone, so the wise persons of the society(who realized it deeply that no one can give cent percent assurance about a certain human being) attached the religious sentiment saying ..."Marriages are made in heaven" at least it will force the people not to leave his/her partner in small issues(which can be seen in love very often), on the other hand if anything wrong happens the couple will try to sort out the things at their level best,it will not be possible neither for the husband nor for the wife to be separate from each other cause the fear of God will chase them.

 By the way, i am not against marriage, neither i am against arranged marriage but attaching the name of God here and there, specially when it becomes a reason of suffering for the entire life then any such thought cant be accepted, if you want to know more then ask those wives who are beaten up by their husbands in daily basis, ask those wives whose husbands burn them with the fire of cigarette or biri, ask those husbands whose wives continuing extra marital affairs. Ask those girls who loves whole heartily her boyfriend, those who were dedicated to their loved ones but they are forced to get married with someone else and have to spend entire life .

In this context i want to share a tweet that i read five six years ago, so far i can remember the trend on parenting was on in twitter, a girl made a tweet on this trend, its one of the best tweets i have ever read, what she wrote is

...our parents do not even want to talk to the boy whom i know very closely for long time but they force us to share bed with a stranger.

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