"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Lets Face The Truth

This is my fourth post where i am sharing my thoughts on the myth of "Marriages are made in heaven"...

From the time my own thought process was growing up,i started to be conscious about the phenomenons around me and gradually my view points were forming, from that time to till now i don't know why but i never believed in arrange marriages, neither then nor now. Earlier i did not have so many view points towards this practice but now a days i am trying to find out whats the logic of my brain about arranged marriage and this has started to happen when i remembered something.

When its about arranged marriage i don't think the sentence is complete, i mean the sentence ..."Marriages are made in heaven" , the complete sentence should be ..."Marriages are made in heaven but fully controlled by human beings".

Hope in the history you have read that,  the kings used to get married 30-40 times(Obviously with different women) means 30-40 wives of kings were nothing uncommon, without going to site examples, let me remind you that in last two three decades after many rules and regulations now a days a man can get married only one time, to be married second time he has to give divorce to his present wife, now if you think marriages are made in heaven then think also that if by chance the restrictions of getting married is withdrawn then what is gonna happen?  hope you can assume it easily, yes it will be very common to experience that again some people will get married more than one it can be an issue of argument(logically you can argue) but my questions is...if the rules are withdrawn then can you assure me that not a single man will get married second time without divorcing his present wife ? can you give me the guarantee that like the kings not a single man will keep three four wives?

Until the rules are withdrawn we can never experience the truth but if you are well acquainted with human psychology then you can easily understand that...its good to listen that "Marriages are made in heaven " but the truth is not so easy...

Let me share an interesting marriage...

Just after the one month of marriage, Suparna  eloped with her boyfriend, her husband Ashoke started searching for another suitable groom and after three months of searching he found a girl and got married second time, on the other hand Suparna got married second time with her boyfriend named Subham..

Now kindly tell me which one of the upper mentioned marriages i should consider as "Marriages are made in heaven "?

oh,sorry, forgot to inform...the marriage of Suparna and Ashoke was an arranged one.

The interesting part is , when Suparna eloped with her boyfriend then the family members of Ashoke cursed her a lot and they cursed her more when they came to know  that Suparna has got married with Subham, ridiculous it is, is not it? i mean Ashoke and his family members believe that "Marriages are made in heaven " then why cursing Suparna ? they should had to accept her decision and most surprising is...when they completed Ashoke's marriages second time with someone else then they accepted it  saying...May be it was the will of God, total 180 degree turn(U-turn).

I liked the idea of Suparna to escape from Ashoke, the society will not take it easily, but personally i feel she has the courage to keep the promises she made to her boyfriend, she has a brave heart and truthfulness in activity.

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