"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Close, Closer And Closest To God---Part 2 The Explanation

That day after sharing my thought on the question "How do i know i am being close to God" by my friend Arpan, i suggested him to go back home and think about it.

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Next day evening,it was Saturday, when he stepped into my room and seeing me with a hot cup of coffee in my hand he asked whether he can have one or not, i showered my anger

...No, you are not gonna have this.

He was surprised with my sentence and asked 

...but why?

I replied with a smile

...its been more than fifteen days you promised that you are gonna give me a treat for your promotion but alas !

he replied

...i also informed that in the next month after having the salary i will keep my promise.

i threw the question much? 

he asked being confused


...your salary idiot,after the promotion.


i was almost falling down from my bed, he laughed out with my reaction.

what are you gonna do with that amount

...i already informed you that i will buy a car.

...oh, ho, that santacruz 

i cant remember the names of the cars and the bikes neither their models,he is well antiquated with it so he replied with laugh

...yes. Santacruz.

i had to stop the conversation coz i went downstairs to prepare the coffee for him, after returning back and handing over the cup i asked

...its your fate that is giving fruitful results like santacruz, not only that, your huge bank balance, your house which you have made four storied from three storied one, 24 hours AC and your world tours all these are the fruits of your fate.

Like earlier he denied my concept and explained, what about my days of struggles, my hard works, smart moves, the decisions i took about my carrier and the obstacles i faced and fought with those? those sleepless nights i spend for my study ? man is the maker of his own fate, you know i never believed in fate or luck and if we continue this argument then it will go on for long time, neither i nor you will leave our stand points, so lets change the topics.

I did not allow my joyous mind to come out as smile in my face after listening him(because i already knew that our previous discussion will start soon and then i can use his logic against him), i answered

...yah, yah, its better to change the topic.

He raised the discussion of Mr Shankar according to you Mr.Shankar, who has gone for four marriages back to back giving divorce one by one and presently has got married for the fifth time is very close to God coz "marriages are made in heaven" ? i don't think its a good example.

...but its a myth that "Marriages are made in heaven" , then how can you deny that its the God who is responsible for the marriages of Mr. Shankar ?

...there is something wrong in your example, i can feel it but cant figure it out exactly. know actually there is no difference between you and Mr.Shankar, except one.

...what are the similarities, tell me first

...when you achieve your goal...the higher degrees, good job, promotion,salary hike then its your hard work that is giving the fruitful results and when Mr. Shankar gets married four times then how will you define it ? is it an easy task to trap the girls , is it an easy job to wash their brains, is it easy to go for divorce, for all these he needs to work hard, he needs to make smart plans, he needs to spend sleepless nights thinking how to achieve his goal just like you...

...thats what i wanted to say. marriages are not made in heaven?

Arpan was very surprised with my question, he exclaimed can you represent Mr. Shankar as a general personification ?

...logically, if  its true that "Marriages are made in heaven" then you must have to admit that its applicable for each and every human being, you are attaching the name of such a super power ,the Almighty, and you are forcing me to accept that sometime with some marriages the Almighty has nothing to do, then the concept must be wrong...

He interrupted me

...your logic is good but the example of Mr.Shankar is very exceptional and what about general personification

...i can represent Mr. Shankar as a general personification

...pls explain

...answer me, will you get married with a girl who has passed only class eight or ten ?

...will you go for inter cast marriage?

...will you get married without seeing the picture or meeting the girl before marriage?

...will you prefer a girl with black complexion

...will a billionaire will send marriage proposal to you with his daughter?

...max probability is no., "No inter cast marriage", "girls with fair complexion", " girls with good degree", "girls from middle class or upper middle class families" and blah blah blah, who is setting all these criteria?

...its me, logically, when you decided to get married and your near and dear ones including your family members start searching for a suitable bride informing their known ones about the criteria, they already blocked lots of ways from where you could get marriage proposals..."Blocked the way"...remember it


...then you start to get lots of proposals from the directions you set, now you will go for analysis and calculations seeing the pictures of the girls and meeting with them and finally you will select one, right?

...yah right. tell me, when its about your carrier and achievements  then its your hard work,smart moves, your decisions are responsible, and when its about your marriage then you immediately attach the name of God !!!!! but its clearly visible how you took the decision from the day you decided to get married. Logically, when you will achieve something then its your credit and when its about marriage then its God who is responsible !!!!! your goal was to achieve a good job and salary whereas the goal of Mr. Shankar was to trap the girl in the name of love and get married with them and in both the cases God has nothing to do.

Taking a short gap i started again

...the most important point is...when Mr.Shankar is doing it then you are using the word "trapping the girsl" and when you will do it then its God who  arranged it...but in the both the cases "Marriage" is taking place, as i told you there is only one difference between you and Mr.Shankar and that is "Honesty" , you both are hard working and dedicated towards your goals and aims but the ways are different, you are doing it in honest way on the other hand he is using dishonest ways.

...but, how can Mr.Shankar be presented as representative of everyone who are getting married or have got married ?

...just cut out the two things...Dishonest and the myth "Marriages are made in heaven" and you will understand that Mr. Shankar has no difference with others...just like you,who will get married, you are applying so many conditions like Mr. Shankar, just like him , you will select a bride with analysis and calculations, you will meet them, you will take time to decide, you will reject some of short, its you who is executing all the activities then why unnecessarily attaching the name of God?

...why you have so much irritation for the concept that "marriages are made in heaven"?

...Because anything that forces the people to live a deprived live should be avoided and needs to be changed, forcing  a couple to spend live together whose mental attachment and bonding has broken badly cant be a good concept, forcing a girl who can clearly understand that his life partner chose him to get married only for her property cant be a good concept, there are innumerable numbers of problems, mental trauma and tortures some husbands and wives are facing but yet they have to continue their entire life with their spouses because they are forced to do it with the concept.
"Marriages are made in heaven"

Marriage is nothing but a well planned decision of two human beings and their family members for the necessity of life to run the society in an ordered system.


 its not the God who plays a vital role rather beauty,looks, financial background, social status, jobs, salary etc plays vital roles.


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