"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Earning Without Investment

"Money begets Money"

so true it is, in front of money your talent and feelings are nothing.

The word "Corruption" has not come into existence in just few months, for long and long years the common people has noticed, faced and witnessed corruption in different fields,whether getting a job or to pass any official money is a big game so i don't want to talk about it.

"Buying a job" is nothing new concept, from past several decades people, who have the capability,buying jobs where the most eligible ones are ignored or getting it hard to achieve their goals finding  a way in the narrow lane which is left after the corrupted portion.

without going to such common way of earning i wanna focus on the issues where even without spending a single penny you can earn a lot, what i am gonna share is  too much prominent now a days or not i don't know but if we go back to thirty or forty years ago,we can easily experience how your money is not spent at all but you can earn a huge amount.
Yes, i am talking about dowry, where you actually don't need to spend money but you can earn a lot, earlier days when dowry used to exist in this society with his own fame and glory,those days the amount of dowry used to vary according to the designation of the grooms,yes designation of the grooms... the more higher designation the grooms ...the more the dowry amount used to be, not only the amount of money the parents of a bride had to pay rather the golden jewellery, furniture and some expensive gifts to the groom they had to give. In short , the grooms used to show their monthly salary and the parents of the brides used to pay the amount of dowry very happily.

Though the practice has changed a little bit in this present society but the truth has not...govt jobs are still the preferred ones for the family of the brides,may be the scenario has changed a bit and private jobs are preferable now a days but the point is...amount of money plays a vital role, its not a gentle behavior to ask for the monthly salary so they ask about the designation to guess the salary.

Its very common to experience that the family of the grooms taking money from the family of the brides for the reception party after the marriage.

Few days ago i have come to know about a girl who has still kept relation with her ex-boyfriend even after the three years of her marriage, the narrator and some other people criticized the girl for such unethical work, when its about Big Bang,the people with common sense ask the question after hearing the big bang theory and the question is..."what was there before big bang"? and i swear i have common sense to some extent, not only the question "what was there before big bang" knocked into my mind rather about the girl i asked "why did he get married with someone else when she loves a boy whole heartily" and the answer i received is...her parents forced her to get married, now the rule of the society and in which circumstances you have got married does not matter, you have to carry on this marriage at any cost, your preferences, feelings and desires does not matter.

Actually she has been forced to get married with someone else coz her parents came to know about her relationship, the boy with whom she was/is in love was then an unemployed one so her parents even did not talk to him and arranged her marriage almost overnight,ready made earnings are most preferred....i don't think she is doing  wrong keeping relation with her boyfriend, this incident took place three years earlier and just after one year of the marriage of the girl his boyfriend has qualified for a job....
So, what played the vital role in the whole incident, who cares for the feelings,desires and capabilities specially in such issues.


Later in my post i will share about an eminent personality...he was rejected by the parent of his beloved and later he has left a sign of his love which is too big to explain...let the suspense remain. should i follow him !!!!!...confused, 219 shayaris are tiny in front of his work, Compared to him...i am also tiny.

now here is the most interesting part of this post...a boy who is in love with a girl for more than last seventeen years and for such deep love he has got only a cup of tea made by her where her husband eating delicious foods prepared by her, her boyfriend belongs to a middle class family and her parents always wanted a ready made rich family for the marriage of their daughter.
when i listened the entire story i wondered...only a cup of tea is the value for such a long term feelings !!!!!!

So, the more the salary is...the more the amount of dowry.
The more the salary is....the proposals(Sending + receiving) to/ from the more rich families.

The more the salary is...ladies, pls check why you have been preferred...for the salary or for  your good character !!!!! if you are practical...nothing to suggest.

"You know its really very tough now a days to run a family with a single income "...its so common na ?...Money begets money.

Be practical with strong financial background is a big support.

Be practical girls...the more the salary of your spouse  the more secure your life is.

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