"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Checkmate---A Game Of Chess (Fiction)

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"Truth is stranger than fiction"

Like you all i have also heard this numerous numbers of times in my life but until you listen such a truth, until you experience it yourself, you will never realize how much shocking it is...

Few days a ago when Sourabh visited his house with a short leave from office he met me one day evening, generally we don't talk about Rahul coz there is nothing to discuss, some people never change...i mean some people never change their heart, but that was the day much different from other meetings, the last night experience made him stunned, he narrated to me know Bro, last night after having the dinner keeping my head in Mom's lap i was sharing my experience in office, my Mom asked whether i liked any college or someone else in that new city and i replied no, that's is the time after a long time Mom asked about Tina, where is she now? asked about her present status,  i informed Mom i know nothing about her. It was really very surprising moment for me coz in last more than one decade never ever the topic of Tina has been raised in our house, we avoided it all the time but except that surprise there was a something shocking for me...

he took a pause, i was eagerly waiting to hear, after  a deep exhale he started know, Mom makes prayers for Tina, can you believe it? i mean how can she? OK, i don't wanna mean that she should pray for the ill-being of Tina, i simply wanna mean that she easily can skip such prayers...

i was spellbound, it was really a big surprise for me, i remained silent, lots of thoughts were knocking in my mind, was trying to find out the answer, after a long pause i replied

..May be this how all the Moms are...i mean not all.

Its been a long time we played chess, Sourabh and Rahul both are tto good in this game and let me confess...most of the times they have defeated me in this game. now a days after  having a job Sourabh has left my town so naturally no question is there to have a game with him, on the other hand he is too much busy in his office works so he cant manage time to play with other friends there.

so, that day we went for a game and in between one hour we played three times and every time my king met a pathetic ending.

Was it not a game of chess?...the question knocked into mind while i was trying to sleep, the experience that day evening snatched my sleep totally, how can aunt make prayers for the well being of Tina? why? why she is so much concerned about Tina, no, Tina was not wrong, neither she had the intention to ditch Rahul, i cant say that she loved Rahul as much as Rahul loves her coz she has found her happiness with someone else and Rahul is still unable to do it but yet, she loved Rahul a lot, her activities, her attachments, her feelings...all these were pure and true.

It was a game , yes it was, a game of chess...the game of life...

Tina...The King(Generally a male but here its female).

Tina's Life Partner...The most powerful one, The queen who is always there beside the King to protect him.

Tina's Father...Rook, which moves in horizontal and vertical direction, he had no tricky mind, a man with simple thoughts and acts.

Tina's cousin brother...The Bishop, he did not have the ability to view anything with a simple heart and mind neither he could act simple, always has curved views, critical thoughts in everything, just like the Bishop which always moves in diagonal direction.

Tina's Mom...The Knight, the most deadly player in chess, never makes simple steps,never moves in simple direction always  jumps to move, just like the knight Tina's Mom always has moved(Played tricks with Rahul) not in a constant way rather with a gap, sometime seven days, sometime one moth...jumping movements.

Tina's Friends...The pawns, who did not have any connection of purity and truth in life, have fallen in love more than one times, have played with the emotions of other boys so naturally the purity of love between Rahul and Tina has always tortured them, they could not accept that Tina will get such a person as life partner who loves Tina more than his own life. They always have made  little movements to create misunderstanding between Tina and Rahul and finally they became successful in their intention...Tina started to believe Rahul as a cheater, his all god images had been broken by the pawns in the right moment with tricky moves.

so, these were the players in that game and when Tina finally decided to be separate, to go away from the life of Rahul...that was the day the Checkmate took place...Rahul,The King of other side remained motionless...The game was over...Checkmate

But the question is...when you arrange the board of chess to start a game there needs two players in two sides, so who were the players in that game? who were playing from which side? the answer is simple...

Its the God who was playing the game from both the sides to defeat Rahul...yes, not a single prayer of Rahul has ever been granted by God.

The thought later came into my mind...which kept me awake, tortured me for the entire night...have snatched my sleep from that day and is making me the life of Rahul going to end soon? though the checkmate has taken place more that a decade ago but Rahul still have some expectations...the illogical ones, he does not want to admit the game is over...its only the time left to close the board...the day Rahul start to belive it, the day Rahul leaves all the expectations may be that will be the day when God will close the board...the game of Rahul will be over...yes, there can be more reasons to be alive...but at least i cant think the existence of Rahul without the love in his heart which is resting in his heart from decades...

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