"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Self-Conceit

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This year on the eve of father's day I have experienced something which I will never forget, it was the Saturday while I was returning back home I had to avail the last local, it is scheduled at 8:10PM.whenever I avail train for short journey I never have the habit to take seat, standing near the door I love to cherish the beauty of the nature, but last Saturday the scenario was very much different, after entering in the compartment I saw two young and beautiful girls and three boys were already occupied  a long seat and the opposite seat was almost empty…only a middle aged person was there, so I did not want to miss the chance(Ha ha h ha) and immediately sat in the window side of the seat.
The battery of my mobile ran out of charge, so I could not listen songs, sitting opposite to me those three boys and two girls were talking with each other, from their conversation I came to know they were returning from office and has missed the previous local.

Now a days fb is too famous among the young gen., they were sharing with each other the recent updates from their friends circle in fb .

It was the father's day eve, naturally after after a while they started to discuss about the status they will share tomorrow in fb and whatsapp. At first the two girls shared their thoughts, then two boys and at the end the third boy shared what he is going to write in whatsapp and fb status, when he finished the sentence there was a pin drop silence (only the sound of the wind was prominent), like his friends I was also surprised listening his sentence, his other friends were looking at him with surprised and perplexed eyes…
Then one of the girls replied with irritation…

If this sentence is a spontaneous one then I must say you are too much in love with yourself that’s why you are unable to remember the contribution of your father in your life. Your sentence reflects that your thoughts are so much self-centered; I never expected such words from you.

Then one of the boys started 
…pls tell us, the sentence you have said is a spontaneous one or you have decided it much earlier? actually if you have decided it much earlier to share as whatsapp and fb status on the day of father's day then am sure your father has no contribution in your life, you are ashamed for having such a father, your father must have avoided his duties and responsibilities and this is the reason you are unable to find any reason to praise him.

The second boy interrupted…

I am his childhood friend and I know how much tough time uncle has faced in his life, my Dad has shared lots of incidents of uncle’s life, they are good friends. Most importantly the truth is…every father faces lots of problems and does lots of struggles to carry forward his duty and to nurture the family.
And then looking at the third boy (who said the sentence) he said with an upset voice…

I did not expect it from you.

I was listening their replies, the psychological analysis they had made and the facts they were saying were really very logical and full of truths. Their straight forward answers made me too happy to express.

Whenever a certain date is announced for certain purpose, specially mother’s/ father’s/teacher’s day we all express/pay our respect and gratitude for all the emotional, physical and financial securities those they have provided which are incomparable and very precious.

Can’t we dedicate at least one day to express our respect towards our parents and teachers?...the second girl said this and taking a pause she started again…

Look, each and every day lots of people like us are busy to share our pics in fb just to promote ourselves for no reason…its simply an act of show off, each and every day posting pics we are trying to praise ourselves… our style statement, our looks and our happy(?) life and you are saying that you will 
write…”My father is proud because he has a handsome and successful son”. It should be...I am proud and blessed enough and grateful to god to have a father like him".

She stopped for a while then smiled and said…

This is not a “Self Praising day” ok? You are burning in self-Conceit.

Do you know what I felt to do when she finished?

I felt to shout out saying “Taaliyan”(Clapping).

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