"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Apu---Part 2

In the year 2013 one of my favorite Bengali film directors of present era Mr. Kaushik Ganguly has directed a film named “Apur Panchali”, till now I have watched this movie several times just like “Pather Panchali”.

The story of the film is… German govt. decides to felicitate the famous child actors all over the world and they choose “Apu”(Subir Bannerjee) as “Worlds most celebrated child actor”, German govt. contacts Ministry of Information Broadcasting of India and they inform SRFTI(Satyajit Roy Film and Television Institute) ,a student from that institute has been given the responsibility to complete the formalities finding Subir Bannerjee…Apu of Pather Panchali.

The dialogue of aged Subir bannnerjee( performed by Ardhendu Bannerjee)in the beginning of the movie…

“I have nothing to do with either Stayajit Ray or Apu”

Immediately creates curiosity about the film, the questions knocks…how the actor himself who played the role of Apu can say this? Why he is so much irritated about Satyajit Ray…

Viewers will realize why he said this gradually with the progress of the movie and at the end Subir Bannejee himself reveals the truth…
Subir Bannerjee was totally reluctant to accept the award, he wants to keep himself away from film industry and there is a strong reason behind it.

 “Apur Panchali” is the movie based on real life of Subir Bannerjee, after “Pather Panchali” he remained far away from cinema, his life is just like other middle class families  and naturally with time people has forgot him.

Subir Bannerjee as Apu In Pather Panchali

Mr. Subir Bannerjee

Kaushik Ganguly:-

Mr.Kaushik Ganguly

The presentation of the movie “Apur Panchali” is just stunning, the synchronizations of the scenes with “Apu Trilogy” reflects directorial quality of Kaushik Ganguly.

I don’t feel much necessity to explain the directorial quality of Mr.Kaushik Ganguly as he has already proved himself wining three National Awards, Parambrata Chatterjee has played the role of young Apu in “Apur Panchali” and he is a well known Bengali actor, has received lots of appreciations for his acting quality.

Parambrata Chatterjee(Young Apu)

Ardhendu Bannerjee as aged Apu:-

Mr.Ardhendu Bannerjee(Aged Apu)

Here in this post I am gonna talk about Mr. Ardhendu Bannerjee who has played the role of present Subir Bannerjee,who is spending his life alone and presently retired.

Ardhendu Bannerjee who is a character artist of Bengali film Industry has performed the role of Subir Bannerjee so perfectly that until you watch you will never know…beyond description.

The expressions of a man from middle class family who suddenly gets call for an international award…what will be his feelings, the nervousness and the vacillating condition of mind…all these have been performed by Ardhendu Bannerjee perfectly and nicely, then comes the story when aged Apu describes the incidents of his life which is full of misery, pain, agony and sufferings has been portrayed by Ardhendu Bannerjee leave an everlasting impression into the inner most chamber of the heart of the viewers.

In this movie I liked Ardhendu Bannerjee much more than any other actors.

Famous Child Actors:-

It’s impossible to forget the movies like “Pather Panchali’, ET,The Kid, Bicycle Theves if you watch it just one time, one of the reasons these movies are famous are the child actors who performed  so excellently,  so naturally the question comes into mind…where they are now? What are they doing? How they are spending their lives?
In the beginning of the movie when Apu shows his disinterest for the award and the student tries to convince him then he gives some examples of child actors with whom we all are well known but now they are lost in the crowd, like…

The child actor from the famous movie Bicycle Theves…Enzo Stailoa who played the role of Bruno Ricci,after the movie he spent life as a Math. Teacher in a school in Italy.

The kid from the movie ET…Henry J. Thomas played the role of Elliot later became a guitarist of a band.

The child actor from Charlie Chaplin directed famous movie “The Kid”…Jackie Coogan as John, has lost in the crowd.

The film Apur Panchali is a fusion of Real life Apu and Apu Trilogy and contains many interesting facts about Subir Bannerjee.

In the 44th International Film festival of India(In November 2013) Mr. kaushik Ganguly won the award of best director for Apur Panchali.

The theme music of Apur Panchali will touch your heart for sure, in this movie just Pather Panchali music played a vital role as if the music is the complementary of the mental reflection of the characters, do listen it here…

Here you can watch the theatrical trailer of Apur Panchali.

So if you wanna know the life history of the child actor of Pather Panchali, if you want to know why he becomes angry and irritated when people mention him as “Apu”, why he never felt interested for acting further…then you have to watch the movie. Not only all these but also you will come to know about lots of incidents related to the making of “Pather Panchali”.

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