"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


An "Educated" Student

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The Real Incident

Somewhere in India, in a renowned college the exam of 2nd years Honors was going on, it’s been just thirty minutes, everyone was busy in writing but a girl started to feel very uneasy, she realized that the professor was noticing her too much, in these cases girls intuition works much better than boys. Ten more minutes passed and the girl became sure about her intuition, her writing almost stopped, she was waiting for the first bell to ring coz before one hour no one is allowed to go outside exam hall. Somehow she passed the twenty minutes and as soon as the bell rang she stood up and asked for permission to go to washroom. Professor allowed her, she stepped out of the exam hall and headed straight towards the principal’s room and complained about the professor.

She came back to the exam hall and took her seat; naturally the professor had to leave the exam hall to meet the principal as he got an immediate call from the principal. When the professor left the room that girl informed others about her complain… everyone became surprised…

After ten minutes the principal and that professor entered the exam hall with a lady professor and that lady professor took that girl in bath room and when they returned there were almost 300gms of Xerox copies of different books and notes, those the girl hide under her dress.

The Questions

Is not it raises a big question about our education system?
Is it an expected behavior from an ‘educated girl’? Till now this girl has secured excellent marks in every exam even during his school days she used to hold position. Now is this the real application of whatever she has learned till now?

Marks, marks and marks… now a day to become a good racer in the race of life marks have got so much importance that in most of the cases moral values and ethics are being vanished and for this we can’t blame that girl, we are responsible for it, yes we are, think about the situation when we meet any boy or a girl who is a student, the question what we never forget to ask at first is….”what was your percentage in last exam(board exam)” and when we come to know that she/he had secured a very good percentage we immediately compliment them with the phrase “good girl” or “Good Boy”….here lies the problem, we make them feel that…if your percentage is very good(excellent) then you are a ‘good’ and if not then you are “not good”(bad) this is the reason students are focusing in marks only and even the parents also. Every student are aware about it, they know full well that if they can secure good percentage then they will be tagged with the term “Good” so naturally they do not focus on their other activities, their sun-conscious mind tells them…it does not matter whether you smoke or not, you pay proper respect to others or not, your activities are ethical or not.

It’s really not so easy to be a good boy or good girl.

“You have to secure 90%-95%”

“You have to hold the first or second position”

Tell me truly how many times you have heard that parents are saying their children….”you have to be a good human being”
Good percentage does not prove that the student is a ‘good girl or boy”, good percentage proves that the girl/boy is a good student.
The incident I have mentioned upper is a real incident… one of the girls from my colony narrated this to me, now think…this same girl (who accused the Prof.) one day will do job, whatever it is a professor or a teacher or in any private company and its for sure that she will not leave any mean way to get a higher position in the job field and most important question is…what she will teach to her child (children) and juniors?

You have already noticed during exam that the bathroom floors are fully covered with Xerox copies and torn pages of books….does not it reveal the truth how much “greedy” some students are to secure good marks?…WHATEVER THE WAY IS

Good marks…good job…good position…good salary…good social status…when we see all these we rarely ask for the character of the person …fact it is.

There are tests for different subjects like physics, chemistry, math, psychology, history, philosophy etc but there is not a single test for “good ethics” and “moral values”.

Who Are Responsible?

Whenever we come to know such issues we always blame our education system, yah, this is true that there are some loopholes in our education system. Psychology…which plays a very vital role in our life has got no priority in our education system but it’s not right to blame our education system only…what about the teachings of our parents? What about our own consciousness level?

I really doubt about the teachings that girl has received from her parents…they are unable to teach their girl the ethical ways or probably they have taught their girl to trap others to save herself…to accuse others to save herself !!!!!...who knows?

Sometime we blame the people around us; saying…may be that girl has learnt such things from some of her friends, maybe she is in wrong association…here comes the question again about her so called “education”…is not she able to differentiate which is wrong and which is right? Why? She is much elder now and it is expected to have some good consciousness level…what about that? And most importantly…she spends more time with her parents (In House) than with her friends then why her parents are unable to teach them good lessons?

This time the Professor was much lucky that the girl’s satanic mind is in the initial stage but after this incident she will be more careful and before visiting the principle’s room she will visit washroom..Will take out all the Xerox copies and will leave them there and then she will complain about that professor…now you can guess about the consequences…a person who was doing his duty with no wrong intention will have to spend his entire life with a stain in his character.

“Literacy”, “education” and “true education”…these three are three different words and we are focused on “literacy” and “education” and the increasing rate of rape, molestation, eve-teasing and other anti-social activities are the greatest proofs that we have nothing to do with “literacy rate” or “educated people”, we need “real education” that will focus simultaneously in your career building and in character building.

The irony is…this Professor is highly respected and loved by the students, not only by the students of his department but also by the students of other departments, students say…”When we talk to him it feels we are talking with our father.”

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