"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Battery Incident..."Logically" Illogical

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What actually ‘Logic” is?

I personally believe that the term “logic” we use according to our thoughts, “logic” as we know are not fully logical, yah I believe so. Actually, the things already exist, the phenomenon already happening and we, the human beings when find it out following certain path then we say…”This is the logic behind it”. 

Incidents in this universe and our surroundings already happening for long and long years, the activities of this universe existed even before our existence and with time when our consciousness and intellectual level has increased we have started to put logic on everything and in this process some people has become so much dogmatic that they don’t want to admit that there are something beyond logic…yes there are something beyond our “logic” and what we actually do and will continue to do later is…when we will find out the reason we will say …”this is the logic behind it”

To make it much clear let me give you an example and then I will share a real incident that is happening presently in my life and have totally perplexed me, ok so the example is…

We all know that the value of gravitational acceleration is 9.8m/s^2, this is the average value, now when we will describe any activity regarding motion of falling bodies we will always use this value and “Logically” and mathematically  this is right, but the truth is this value is existing before its discovery and most importantly nobody knows why gravitational acceleration has this certain value, I mean it could happen that the value could be 20m/s^2 …now some people will explain the reason mentioning earth’s density, volume etc etc …yah I know but the question is…the value could be 20m/s^2 and still we could walk smoothly…it could happen…but it did not…nobody knows the reason.

So the point is, things already exist, incidents happen, activities are being performed in this universe and when we discover it we say this is the logic, so in short… “logic” will expand more with time.

Coming to the “Illogical” incident happening in my life(even now)…

Few days ago suddenly my Jiofi device started to take restart continuously, it was not working properly so I opened the device and found that the middle portion of the battery has expanded as it happens when battery is almost damaged. Taking out the battery I shake it few times and connected again with the device but did not attach the back cover, device started to work again and for next three days it was working but every time before starting I had to shake the battery. I made contact with service centre and they informed they don’t have stock of the battery of this model, it will be avialbale after few days. So without waiting I had no other ways left.

In the fourth day morning when I was trying to switch on the device it was not starting…I shake the battery again and connected it still it was not working so after three four attempts i performed the common activity what almost all of us perform when the electronics device does not work…yas I hit the battery two three times in the floor but still it was not working, the entire morning I continued hitting it lightly and connected it but all went in vein.

In evening I repeated the process for two hours, device was not getting start, three more days without blogging made me irritated….coz the battery will be available from today as said by the service centre. It was 8:30 pm I still can remember….after frequent effort when the device was not getting start and I was totally upset, continuously trying to find out any other way then suddenly I connected the battery and the device started…I started blogging immediately, after two hours when I finished and was taking a cup of tea suddenly I saw the device…I was totally surprised…I asked myself…what’s going over there?

What I saw is… the battery pins are not connected to the pins of the device and still it was working properly even working now…yes the pins of the battery was facing  the top side of the device and the pins of the device is the bottom side and still it is working…that means the DEVICE PINS are connected to the thick PLASTIC of the battery and still it is working…now tell me the logic.

One of my student has seen this yesterday and guessed….the battery has become sort but logically it’s not possible…if the battery has become sort then how can it pass the charge properly and run the device? And most importantly how the plastic can get sort (through the low voltage of the battery)?

From last two days it is working in this condition and toady I will get the new battery.

So, can it be explained with our present “Logic”?

I think we should found out some new “Logic”.

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