"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


An Unusual Love Story

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World’s most unscientific disease is…Love.

If you have this disease it can result in two consequences…either you will suffer for it or you will spend your life with the most desired person of your life.

True love consists of three PINS…Purity, Dedication and Sacrifice and if these three PINS matches with the three PINS of your beloved then the relation will be unbreakable.

But now I am worried for HIM, SHE has TURNED HER HEAD AROUND from HIM after long eight months of relationship but HIS love is pure, yes I have noticed it, whenever HE is AWAKE(On)  HIS(The Device)  heart is beating (Rhythmic Blinking) for HER(The Battery), the rays of hopes(Red and Green Light) still left in him, but I am worried for HIM coz this type of love can be devastating, HE  has to suffer for the rest of the life, I prayed for HIM to the CREATOR(Reliance Jio) and as we all know we can’t visit the creator directly, we have to go via priests, temples/mosques/church(Reliance Service Centre)  and sometime prayers need time to be granted.
With time SHE has become bit healthy, as it happens with girls…girls become healthy much quickly than boys for the biological reasons and now I am afraid that if SHE bursts out then HE will die for sure.

It’s better if someone new (A new battery) comes in HIS life.

In my earlier post The Battery Incident..."Logically" Illogical   I have shared  an unscientific incident, the reasons still to be found out and in the mean time I have interpreted it this way coz as we all know the most unscientific disease  is love…it’s the love story of my Jiofi device and the battery.

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