"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Time Doesn’t Exist---Part 2 …Feelings Re-Enjoyed

Today after waking up in the morning and taking tea I made a phone call to my “That Friend”. Now-a –days he lives in a town which is at 35 Km distance from my town. I told him and ---


In evening, exactly at 6:20pm he was waiting for me in “That Place” with his cycle. I started my journey at 6 pm, I went there by my cycle, my 17 years old cycle. Many people has come and left my life. But my cycle has not left me nor have I left my cycle. After meeting my friend, we both started cycling and reached “That Restaurant”, we bought one egg roll and divided it into two halves and started to eat. We were walking and eating, cycle was in the right hand and the egg roll in left hand. After finishing the egg roll we again started cycling and reached our Chemistry Sir’s house, I had some questions of chemistry whose answers to be taken. We sat in the drawing room of Sir’s house; he came after a while and solved my questions. It took nearly one hour. During coming back we visited “That Big tree”, we sat there and spent nearly one hour talking with each other and gradually we started arguing with each other. 


We came back home nearly at 9 pm.

I know you guys are thinking that why I am sharing this incident????

Because again today, I made a race against time and again have defeated time…

Yes, this the incident which used to happen when I was in class XII standard(long years ago), those days while going for chemistry tuition my friend used to wait for me  in “That Place” where today he was waiting. After meeting him we used to visit “That Restaurant” which we had visited today, this is the first restaurant built in our town when we were in class XII standard, that’s why those days we had huge interest to taste the restaurant foods, those days our financial condition was not good that’s why we used to buy one egg roll and shared with each other. Today we have made it again. It’s “That Chemistry Sir” who faced lots of objections from his neighbors when we used to go for tuition to him, because we had the habit to disturb his neighbors. Sir still says “I can never forget both of you, I have never got a student like you, you both were very daring“.

Our other friends rarely involved with us, rather we continued creating disturbance but our other friends did not get much interest after some day. We used to spend some time under “That Big Tree” while returning from tuition, we used to discuss on different topics, me and my friend both don’t have the nature to make gossips about others, that’s why he is still my favorite. Generally our discussion transfers automatically to argument, it happens whenever we meet, today it happened the same.


Today I and my friend have lived those wonderful moments again. It doesn’t mean that we have not moved on in life, I must inform that my friend is a School teacher now.  Getting my phone call he came in this town with his bike and stayed in a relative’s house.


“Moving on” doesn’t mean that we will avoid our lovely times that we spent once and still we cherish those moments and we regret for not having those moments. To make excuse is easy; to show problems is easy and above all egos which stops us to live those moments. “Busy”? What busy? Who is not busy in this world? From a beggar to a millionaire, everyone is busy, everyone has to struggle for existence, and to exist is not a big thing, how much you lived is all that matters. In the race of life we forget to feel, to live, whatever we do, we do for the sake of the race.


 Daurna toh sabhi ko hai

kabhie ruk ke jee bharkar saans le liya karo.


Friends, you also try to live those moments which are very close to your heart. Forget about your age, your designations, your salary and don’t feel ashamed for such crazy work, may be its crazy but it will give you enormous pleasure and peace. I know you all wish if you could live those moments again. So feel it, do it, enjoy it, live it and you will see that IT’S ALL… YOUR TIME.



N.B. ---Today we again have disturbed some neighbors of Sir.


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                                          To be continued…