"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Thanks to Mom!!!!

This incident happened few months ago, let me share…

One day my one of my cousin sisters told me over phone that a meeting has been arranged for her marriage purpose in coming Sunday; in the same day aunty also called us and requested to attend the meeting. She requested me and my sister to be present there. For some urgent works my sister could not visit there but made her promise that if this meeting results positive then she will surely attend further meetings. Traveling three hours by bus I reached their house in Sunday nearly at 10 am. The meeting was arranged in the evening. Nearly at 6 pm the boy came with his mother and an aunty. My Uncle and aunty were talking with them and after a while I joined.  I was totally silent from the beginning; actually I have the habit to talk as much as less possible. Then after few minutes aunty went to bring my cousin sister, she entered with the foods that has been arranged for them, she served the plates and sat. Conversations were going on as it happens. After finishing the food the boy had to drink water but the table where the glass of water were kept, was not in his reach, so his mother served him the glass and the boy said “Thank You” to his mother. Then after few minutes aunty prepared tea for all of us, again his (Boy) mother gave him the tea taking from the table and the boy again said “Thank You” to his mother. Then nearly after 30 minutes they went away. 


After they leave my uncle asked his daughter about her opinion, she clearly said that she did not like this boy and then uncle called the middle man who arranged this meeting and informed him about my sister’s opinion. Doing all these we became relaxed and sat in the balcony, uncle was not present there, we were taking tea, then aunty asked my cousin sister the reason for denying the boy, she was about to give the answer but that time uncle entered and said “let it go, she doesn’t like and that’s all, When she will like someone then we will proceed.” I must say that my uncle is a full supporter of her daughter.


And At last the very expected question came to me, uncle asked

---so, boss (as he calls me) what’s your opinion about that boy?

I don’t know why but every time my closed ones ask for my opinion whenever I meet any stranger.

 OK, let me come to the point, uncle just finished asking me the question then immediately my sister said

---I was about to ask him this question.

I had to answer and I was waiting for the moment so that I could make myself cool bringing out my thoughts through my words, actually the nature of the boy irritated me, at first and in short I said

---the boy is not a man; he has turned to a machine.

Everyone exclaimed


I had to explain my words, here I am sharing what I told observing that boy

----“Thank You” to mom!!!! I just can’t imagine saying thanks to mom. He has turned to machine after performing formalities in corporate life for few years.

“Thanks” to mom!!! For what reason you will say thanks to mom???---for those nine months that she spent with various types of pains and sufferings when you were in her womb, she took your care without seeing your face, she started to love you when she did not see your face, in those nine months she spent many sleepless nights, she suffered from various types of physical complexities and she sacrificed lots of her desires, she ignored some of her favorite foods because it were not healthy for you, can you repay those by saying “Thank You”? for what reason you will say thank you to your mom?---for those sacrifices that she made when you were a child, she ignored many parties and gatherings because there you will not get a sound sleep, there you will feel uneasy due to crowd and various types of sounds. She used to realize what you want when you were unable to speak, she could distinguish your crying and uneasiness, seeing these entire she easily understood whether you are happy or sad or you need food. When you started to go school she used to be worried until you return home, gradually with time she became acquainted with it but it does not mean that she did not used to be worried.


I stopped for a while and added

---the boy doesn’t understand the value of a relationship, he says thanks to mom as he does with his colleagues and clients, to say “Thank You” is a formality and there is no place of formality in some relations as I believe. There are some relations that are to be felt from heart and performed from heart; there is no place of brain in those relations. The boy don’t understand the simple fact that some people doesn’t care of his “Thank you”, some relations doesn’t at all affected by “Thank you”. Can he repay all those things that her mom did for him when he was a child? Can he repay all those feelings those his mom has for him? Can he repay all those prayers those his mother makes every moment only for him? No one can repay it, arrey,  yeh pyaar ek Maa ka hai  aur iss pyaar ka koi mol nehi , yeh toh anmol hota hai, thank you bol ke iss ka apmaan na karo.


My cousin said

----yes, you are right Dada.


I had to say something more, so I started again

---the boy lives a corporate life not only in office but also in home, he is unable to differentiate between the professional life and personal life. At least with parents don’t be formal. How can he imagine that--- “Maa ko Thank you bolna chahiye”.  Maa ne paani diya toh “Thank You”, Khana diya toh “Thank You”, aab pyaar se saar pe hath rakhega toh bhi “Thank you” hi bolega !!!, ok if you really wish to say “Thank You” then remember all those love, cares, prayers and sacrifices that she is giving and doing from your childhood and you will realize that---abhi se lekar jab tak zinda rahega tu ,tab tak agar bina roke “Thank You” bolta rahega tab jaa ke saayad tera “Thank you” kahena sarthak hoga.


I stopped and became cool after expressing my thoughts about that boy. 


I generally don’t talk much but when I start to express then I express everything that I have in my heart and mind and don’t stop till I finish.


After I finished, my cousin sister said

---I did not think so deeply but I did not like the boy for the same reason, he is too formal.


Friends, here I have shared what I feel and I think, it’s not necessary that you will admit it. 


But one request I want to make to all of you---Don’t say “Thank You” to your moms, because whatever she does for you, she does from the deep core of her heart and she really doesn’t care of your “Thanks You”, if you really wish to “Thanks” her then serve for her, take care of her, try to give her all the happiness that she wished but remained unfulfilled, try to make her smile every day. It’s also applicable for your father and if you can do it then this will be proper “Thanks” giving to your parents.



Don’t just read this article, after reading it, spend some time remembering all those things that your parents did and do for you and I am sure you will give a hug to them and those who are far away from home will surely call your parents.

Have a nice time with your parents.




Kuchh log aise bhi hote hai

Jin par tumhare baton ka asar nehi

Woh  tumhare khamosh lafz

Aur ankahi baatein

Baas yun hi aasani se padH lete hai.


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  1. Can't believe someone is thanking mom. Thank someone if you sincerely believe. Else it is like insincere corporate life.