"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Time Doesn’t Exist (Part-1)

Two days ago I with one of my students, went for evening walk. Avoiding the crowd of the town we took a path that heads towards the high way existing as a boundary of our town. After walking more than 1 Km through that path we reached the High way. Due to jam all the trucks and Lorries were standing in one side of the road and in another side vehicles were passing by, overall the road was not very noisy.

We walked long 3 Km and then took the returning path and reached near my home. We both enjoyed the walk; the weather was very pleasant, as the winter is about to end so the wind blowing was neither too cool nor too hot. We both were silent almost for 80% of the walk, actually until I start to talk my student always remains silent as he knows my nature.

When we were about to enter home, my student said

---Sir, I must say that today’s journey was very pleasant, so nice weather and the nature was looking so good. But it’s also true that the time we have spent together can’t be regain, once it’s past then its lost forever. We will never be able to live this moment again. Am I right sir?

I was silent, that’s why he asked again

--- Please Sir, say something.

I said him that I will share my opinion later.

Next day evening I asked my student to go for evening walk, he agreed and we started our journey, I took the same path and reached the High way and came back home walking through the same path that we availed yesterday, before entering my home I asked him

---you were saying that we can’t live that moment again but today we have lived that moment.

He said that the date is different.

That’s the word ‘Date’ irritates me a lot. I shared my thought with him, here it is---

Don’t focus on CALENDAR and CLOCK; focus on the feelings of your heart, the peace of your mind. Yesterday you were saying that “today’s journey was very pleasant” which reveals that you enjoyed it a lot, you enjoyed the walk and the surroundings, that’s why I took the same path to show you that you can live it again. Am I right? Did not you enjoy today just like yesterday? Did not you feel the same pleasure today that you felt yesterday?

He agreed with me.

“Time”---that’s the word I hate and love simultaneously. Actually we are so focused on ‘Time’ that in most of the cases we forget to concentrate on our feelings, our peace and on our mental satisfaction. In most of the cases after spending a good time we start to regret that it’s past now, but we never think that “I will enjoy doing these same things again”, we are so busy to keep pace with time that we always count “how much time has passed” but never muse the beautiful time we have lived---because we don’t have Time to muse!!!!!, I personally believe that if you have strong will-power, extreme desire, love and strength of mind then you can live any moment again and again.

For some time being forget about ‘Time’, forget about the date, clock and so your age also and concentrate on your inner mind, on your thoughts, feelings and desires, then you will realize that----It’s all YOUR time.

Friends, I know some of you will be agree with me and some will not, whatever your opinion is, feel free to make comment. I will eagerly wait for your words.

                                                                               To Be Continued...


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