"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Indian Movies...My Views Part 1

Indian movies…don’t mind, but when I feel to watch any such I suffer from depression but still I watch when I don’t have any option when I feel bored and need to relax and at the end most of movies don’t make me relaxed rather creates an irritation in my mind.

I have an old habit of enriching my knowledge about the lead characters whenever I watch any movie, this habit has helped me to point out some reasons why Indian movies not getting huge success in international field.

By the way, do you know how many Indian movies have won Oscars? The answer is…not a single one and the question is why?
So, let me share some loopholes for the “non-progressive” Indian movies…

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Talent is neither recognized nor respected in any film Industry of India, as I have mentioned above, I try my level best to enrich my knowledge about the lead characters whenever I watch any movie and this habit has given me a shock. In one decade, why one!!! rather in last two decades hardly any hero have come in the market who does not belong to film fraternity, recently while watching a certain movie I felt…who have made him Hero!!!!!!, poor acting, non-charming looks and appearance of the hero forced me to think so, so when I read about him you can guess what I came to know.

The funny part of this was…his performance is not only poor rather his eyes (how he looks) is actually very funny..He always looks at things with wide open eyes..I felt like, he is in a shock always.
So, most of the contemporary heroes, actually all, have strong and potential “filmy background”, either they are the sons or nephews of famous actors or directors or producers…

In this issue I must mention that Tollywood(Kolkata) film industry is doing much fairer selection than other industries, giving chance to really talented ones

130 Cr आबादीवाले देश मे एक भी ऐसा इनसान नही जो एक ऐसा फिल्म बनाके Oscar ला सके ...ये  थोड़ी आजीब नही है ?????

So, the question is …only the relatives of the actors know what is acting and rests of the Indians know nothing, there is not a single talented actor among 130cr of Indians? Where are they? What are they doing from past two three decades?

I don’t wanna mean that each and every contemporary actor(Actress) who is entering in this Industry is worst, some of them are really talented, some are good but if the lead characters are selected through talent hunt then this good ones can be replaced with the better or best ones.

Six packs and Dance

I am fade up after making some heroes understand ( if I could then it would surely happen) that when you are in the field of acting you should focus on “Acting”, acting actually does not need six packs or dance, it has happened earlier and still happening that few heroes are appearing with extraordinary dancing capability, with six packs abs and lots of stunts, earlier such actors have faced tremendous downfall in the carrier and the present ones will face the same, if acting needs expertise in dancing and six pack abs then the actors like Amitabh Bachchan, Nana Patekar, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar,Rajini kanth, Kamal Hassan could not be so much successful in this field because they are neither trained dancers nor they came with Six packs.


Some heroes are so much handsome and cute those are beyond description but when I watched some of their movies I immediately realized that he is gonna fade away from this field very soon and it has happened, in last five years hardly any of their films have released.

Such heroes get huge popularity In short time just after their appearance for the only reason is their cute looks for which the girls become their crazy fans but how many such fans you have does not matter for the carrier.

I don’t wanna mean that I have extraordinary capability or expertise in acting but unfortunately (fortunately) my prophecies about the carriers of lots of heroes have always been right; there are two reasons behind it…

First of all, I do a small research and apply my common sense after watching any movie

The second reason is more vital, that is…once, just like other teen-age boys I also had a dream to act in movies…as hero, you know. Even some people also suggested me to make a try. Later when my sister got featured in a popular Bengali channel as a singer that time a producer cum director offered me a role in a Bengali Mega serial, we rejected it(Including me) to continue my study.

Later, in the year 2017, all on a sudden I took part in a drama(Folk Theater) arranged by The Durga Puja committee members of our colony, why did I take part…for the only reason to go through a test to verify what I have realized about myself is right or wrong, before this I have never taken part in any drama or theater but surprisingly I got huge appreciations from the audience for my performance, I got so much praises those are beyond description but yet I felt that what I had realized earlier is not wrong…I don’t have the capability to be a hero, always looks and six packs does not play factors rather it needs some “X” factor to be a hero(Successful), yes, you can learn acting. May be you can have immense interest in it but still you can fail for not having that “X” factor, I can’t exactly explain what that “X” Factor is, it can vary from man to man (woman to woman) but for me my extreme introvert nature is responsible, I am not so expressive(here I must inform, am thankful to those people who still love me a lot),  a clash will always continue to happen if i perform as an actor, a clash where my nature will not allow me to be expressive whole heartily.

I had spent long time to analyze this and finally I realized it deeply (more than a six years earlier) that acting as a lead character in any commercial movie in not my cup of tea.

In my next post I will discuss some other dimensions of Indian movies.


  1. I agree with your observations. Bollywood still has a long way to go in recognizing real talent and making an oscar grade movie.

    1. Thank you So much Sir for sharing your views, glad to know you liked it.

  2. Just one point. Why do we need Oscar award. A movie may be good without getting Oscar

    1. very much logical point...for this pls go through my next post(Already shared in my blog).
      I mentioned Oscar because when any Indian film actor or actress gets chance to act in any Hollywood movie then it becomes a "Great" news for us, so logically we are running far behind than Hollywood.

      India has failed to create such an award like Oscar for which the Hollywood will be crazy to get.

  3. That is a valid point. I will read the other post also.