"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Blog To Hon'ble Prime Minister : For a Noiseless Society

This post has not intended to hurt any religion or any such belief; it’s all about humanity and common sense. If you are dogmatic about any religion then please avoid reading it. 

In last one and half year I had to visit some places very frequently for some works, what I have experienced while staying there was not only surprising rather shocking also and the experiences in the same issue in my home town have worked as positive catalyst finally making me stunned thinking about what’s going on in the society.

Let me start my experience in one such place (others are nothing less than this one)

That time I stayed in that place for consecutive four days and I cursed my fate for such a situation I was facing…

It was the time for certain religious festival, though the actual “worship day” was tomorrow but they started playing songs in loudspeakers in a very high volume from the day before the particular day, from early morning  from around 6 AM they were playing songs and was switching off the loudspeakers around 11:30pm, it was being really tough to concentrate in work, the house where I was staying is around 200 ft away from the religious place but as I checked that  it was clearly audible to the area of 500 ft of diameter. The first and foremost thought that knocked into my mind is …what about the students in this 500ft of diameter?

 I felt like those so called worshipper are saying through their work…
We will play songs in such loud volume and you have to tolerate it, we really don’t care whether it’s creating problem in your life or not.
For consecutive three days they continued this activity creating heavy sound pollution.

Now coming to the marriage related issues

During the marriage season its nothing uncommon to experience that the loudspeakers are played in very high volume specially when the marriages are taking place in the houses (not in the banquet halls) if it’s the marriage of many male gender then you have to bear this loud sound for consecutive four days…they start playing songs before the day of the marriage and stops it after the reception party which takes place(generally) after a one day gap of the marriage day.

I never have found any logic of doing this; it’s like…if for their personal enjoyment and celebration the people around gets tortured then it does not matter for them. Why don’t they simply understand that celebration is taken place in their house then why we will waste our days, we are not bound to join them?

During the marriage of my younger maternal uncle none of our family members and relatives (Including me) supported the playing of songs in loud speakers in high volume for three-four days, yes, we played songs from the time 11AM-1Pm and 5Pm-7Pm, these are the times when people actually are not busy in serious jobs like study, meeting or in office and also we did not allowed the decibel to cross 100.
Now comes the so called “Miking” where some shop owners, the institutions and some sellers hire a vehicle like Auto, Toto or Taxi for the marketing and promotion purpose where a mike is played in a loud volume announcing the latest offers and facilities and it roams in the entire town/city.

In the clash of two religions the sufferers are always the general human beings, this is what happening in a certain place where few months back a certain group of people from a certain religion forced the other ones to leave their houses (50 families almost) and did not allow them to enter for three consecutive days…administration acted like deaf and dumb at that time….

Now, the people of other religion have united and taking revenge on them…playing religious songs in four different places during the morning and in the evening for almost one hour…

It was the fight of two religions and the sufferers are the common people, even if I ignore the people who are struggling for their day to day meal, who have their own tensions and stress related to lots of issues of  life but I can’t ignore the condition of the students who are the future of our country, the morning time and the evening time these are vital times for study and for the fight of religions they have to cope up with the situation and have to remain silent because if they raise their voices it will be “Anti religion” activity but I doubt whether they have the courage of raising their voices  !!!!! Because they themselves will think that raising voice means they are going against God.

I am not against the celebration of religious festivals but when the celebration is being torturing for others then it must be avoided and should be stooped.

On the other hand playing the movie songs (specially the Hindi and Bhojpuri) during religious celebration has any connection with religion or spirituality?

Let me share the strangest fact…it’s a statistics of last ten years of my field research…

Saraswati Puja is celebrated in Bengal with pomp and grandeur; it’s the second religious festival of the Hindus according to the grandness of celebration, this Puja actually an one day activity, the schools, colleges and the clubs celebrate it for two days coz they arrange various types of cultural activities and exhibitions and this is how the really educated ones complete this Puja but do you know who celebrate this Puja for three-five days? So far my statistics is revealing…the uneducated ones, who don’t have any connection with any educational institute celebrate it for three-five days, playing songs in high volume, spending some fun days in the pandals, neither they arrange any cultural activity nor any exhibition, even if you see their puja places you will be too much surprised…a small pandal for the goddess and another small pandal for their stay but the boxes are big in size so that they can enjoy their days with movie songs.

Can anyone explain what the relation between playing songs during religious festival in high volume with spirituality?????

These so called selfish people (who are playing loudspeakers for three four days making the excuse of celebration whatever it is) have lost their minds to even understand that how much problem they are creating for the students to the lives of other people also, this students are the future of our country and hampering their study these selfish people actually hampering the future of our country.

I neither am against any religion nor want I mean that any religious festival should not be celebrated but if it reflects inhumanity and causes problem to the daily lives of others then it cannot be supported.

True religion is that which helps us to broaden our minds and thoughts, makes us able to think about others, to be helpful to others and to serve for others but in real life the scenario is totally different.

 I really wonder administration is doing what! 

What I have realized is…if you have a vacant mind, no philosophy about life (When mind is vacant so naturally you possess no philosophy), not much educated, want to earn easily and lazily and a song lover also, then make a religious place…it will fulfill all your desires covering your loopholes, Religion now a day’s is one of the most profitable businesses and help people to dominate (Dadagiri) on others.

During the traditional and popular festivals like Durga Puja,Eid etc the loudspeakers should be allowed but with a certain time limit. 

Now a days, playing loudspeakers has become a craze, in small and smallest festivals people are playing loudspeakers for three four days.
Now let me share some sound effects with the amount of intensity…

Normal conversation…60dB
Vacuum cleaner…75 dB
Sports crowd…120-130dB

Now try to calculate how far a sports crowd is audible and its intensity also, do the same for the vacuum cleaner and you will realize the average decibel of sound the loudspeakers are exerting which can be audible from 500-700 ft of distance, I think the average is ---200-300dB.

 In the pictures below i have shared what is written in the law...

I wanna make earnest request to our Honorable PM to take serious actions against such noise pollution irrespective of religions and make the society much better for the common people to live with mental peace.

P.S. in the beginning I decided the title of this post “Indians against India”, but later changed it keeping in mind that all Indians are not against India, they are not performing any such job that can be harmful for the future of our country.


  1. ज्योतिर्मय, आज ध्वनि प्रदूषण हमारे लिए बहुत बड़ी समस्या के रूप में उभर रहा हैं। हर कोई इससे परेशान हैं। लेकिन इस समस्या के समाधान के लिए कोई भी पहल नहीं करना चाहता यहीं सच्चाई हैं। जैसा चल रहा हैं चलाने दो वाला रवैया रहता हैं।
    सुंदर विचारणीय पोस्ट।

  2. Well researched article which captures all the necessary facts. You just echoed my thoughts and yes, even though government had banned bursting crackers post 10 PM, the political parties themselves burst the crackers breaking those rules. So to whom can we go and complain? Last diwali, crackers were bursted till 1 AM and there was so much of disturbance to old people, kids and animals alike.

  3. Nice, thought-provoking post. Keep it up 👍

  4. It's interesting to see that paper have the religious places in the silent zone. :)

  5. No doubt noise pollution in India has reached alarming levels. There are many legislation already in place. BUt, unless we the people start behaving responsibly only legal measures will not help.

  6. The government can do little if the people themselves are not aware about the hazards of noise pollution and take effective steps to curb it.

  7. Valid points.
    Hope citizens are sensitive and care for their neighbours!