"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Line from The Song...Half Fiction

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 Being forced to be separated from Tina,Rahul was spending sleepless nights to sort out the issue, a hopeless fellow feeling like a blind man who is struggling to find out the road and stumbling with the obstacles.

"what can i do ? she even rejected my request for a meeting"...Rahul said to himself.

But a loving heart always finds a way, so one day he felt
"the lane is not the private property of anyone, anyone can use it".

So finally after seven days Rahul started doing the same thing which has became a habit of him,yes, from last five years whenever he has gone outside home he has accessed the lane of Tina's house, "Habit is the second nature",so true it is, Rahul realized it deeply that day.

"i will not talk to her, i will not send any request to meet, but i can use any road, any lane in our town"...he said to himself.

That old habit started again after a seven days of gap, the old expectation started again to knock into mind, the old expectation when...Tina was unaware of the feelings of Rahul's heart, Rahul used to cross by the road with the expectation that may be he will see Tina in the balcony,those days that song used to be so favorite to Rahul...


"Are you fool" Rahul asked himself after availing the lane of Tina's house for two consecutive days,

"why are you calling me fool"

his inner mind made him have shared all those moments,all those incidents,all those feelings, desires, hopelessness, expectations and the prayers which you have felt or made in last five years, she knows every single moment of those five years when you were madly expecting her in your life and later she has spend time with you, she has seen you so closely and you have never hide your feelings to her and now you think that if she watches you from the balcony then she will realize your feelings !!!!

But yet Rahul did not stop accessing the lane, he realized it full well that it's the desire of his heart which he can never ignore.

But his fate played the same game again, just like those five years this time after long three years of accessing the lane of Tina's house he did not find Tina for a single day in the balcony and finally after long three years the  expectations met a finishing touch...

That day around 8 AM Rahul was heading towards the market to bring vegetables and according to his habit he accessed the lane, after  accessing the lane there comes a short turn from where Tina's house used to be visible and when Rahul crossed that turn he got a powerful blow from the view ahead, immediately pushed the brake and stopped the cycle, it was unbelievable for his eyes, he was unable to move, feeling like the entire body has been anesthetized, he remained still like a statue there, he was finding it tough to hold his cycle, his legs were trembling, he was feeling to cry out loudly, he felt like someone is beating his heart and mind with thousands of hammers...

That day how did he returned back home he still cant remember it.

more than eleven years has passed by after that incident still that memory flashes out in the mind, its so painful to see the person leaving you whom you loved whole really pains a lot, the incident has snatched his sleep but yet whenever he remembers it a smile automatically generates in his lips, his eyes sparkle with brightness, yes, Rahul was never wrong, he used to call Tina "Angel" and that day in a bridal dress she was really looking like an angel.
Today evening Rahul suddenly remembered the line...
"in which song the line belongs, let me check" he said to himself and finally he has found it.

It's the line Tina used to write in every love letter but Rahul did not know which song it is, today he felt to find out the song, the coincident is... in the same movie there is a sad song which is one of the fab songs of Rahul but Rahul never listened to the other songs of that movie, the line which Tina used to write is...

"Saari duniya se  kahdungi, tujhse pyaar me karti hoon"

what an irony !!!!! Tina never used that line in real life  but...the sad song has became an integral part of  Rahul's life.

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