"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Researching On Myself

Its not an easy task to change your thought SUDDENLY, its not easy to mold your mind and change the direction towards the things you have always avoided, its not change to change the track in which you are for several years...but there are some people who can do this in a fraction of second...and i am one of those geniuses...ok, jokes apart , the truth is... its always an Herculean task to make a change in your philosophy which you are following and have believe from long time.

But, when the change is in the downward direction then the transformation is easy, like..its tough to change yourself from addicted one to leave the addiction but its always easy to change non-addictive nature to addictive one.
So, i made something like that on 2nd of July this month...
From the evening i was feeling too much bored, at first i tried to go through the blog posts but i was unable to concentrate, then one by one i tried to read books, listening songs and watching movies but none of those worked, "what to do to overcome my boredom" ...i was trying to find out the answer and that time suddenly i noticed the logo, so the idea immediately knocked into my mind, i made an experiment on myself but for this i had to make up my mind leaving all the logic and thoughts..."i will not think, will just perform it and will sail away myself in the flow, that's it" but my logical mind tried to interrupt, i gave command to myself..."no, no previous thoughts, just drown in the sea and follow the flow", to prepare myself i needed a short time, so i went down stairs prepared a cup of tea and came back to my room and continued the experiment...

At first i needed some of my "Best looking" pictures, i spent more than forty five minutes to select the pictures and after the selection i immediately posted it...and then i thrown myself in the "Net", randomly selected one of my friend's account and then opened his friend list...there were so many so called "Friends"...again selected one of them randomly and so ever lasting process...friends in the friend list...

While i was busy to access the friend list and the pictures of the account of others in the mean time two of my friends praised my looks/attitude/muscle in the pic

"how are you feeling?"...i asked to myself

I replied to myself...yah ,yah its good to be praised on your looks ,physique and attitude.

"so,what are you gonna do, want more"....i asked again to myself.

i replied very enthusiastically...yes, yes, i want more and more.

the reply i received...then carry on.

So, i again posted one of my pictures of my muscular physique...and after a while i again received some praises...i was about to laugh out but i said myself promised that there will be no logic, just sail away yourself.

so, i stopped my logical mind and continued...

so many pictures are there in different accounts...from walking to lying down state(singly), private had became public due to show off nature...same praises, same appreciations, "Oh, ho, your child has grown up so much, good to see" though the person who made the comment has seen hundreds of pictures of that child in last six months still behaving like...seeing the child after a long time, the readers(receiver of the comments) don't feel bored after having repeated and illogical comments...oh, no i will not apply any logic.

Around 10:30 Pm when my sister visited my room to bid "Good night" , what i listened

...hey i have asked you a question?

i replied being startled

...yah what's up.

She asked curiously

...i asked "what are you doing", i think your doing something with deep concentration from last two hours? reading any book?, accessing Facebook...

She was almost shocked are accessing Facebook from last more than two hours? i cant believe it. also me, 

Suggesting me to continue she left my room.

That day i went to sleep around 1:30 AM without allowing my logical mind to come forward.

Next day morning i felt to share some of my pictures again to be appreciated by others, to get praise and was preparing for it but my logical mind spoke out and asked

...are you planning to share more pics of yours?



...i felt very happy being praised by others on my looks and attitude and personality.

...ok, good confession. 


Then my logical mind continued asking, whats next?

i replied being confused

...what do you mean by "whats next"? it means, ok, let it go , answer me the profit behind such activity...

...oh. God, what do you mean by profit?

My logical mind said

...yah, profit means there must be any positive outcome behind your activity or you are doing it "Abeyy"(for no reason),ok tell me the truth, yesterday you posted one of your muscular pic and was appreciated by your "Friend" but at present you are very irregular in physical exercise and so you actually don't have that amount of bicep as can be seen in the pic.

...oh, ho this is the reason you laughed out when my friends "Like"d my pic and praised my body.

...yes, but you stopped me forcefully, now tell me about the positive outcome of sharing your pic.
i remained silent...

My logical mind asked again

...ok, let it go, tell me a valid reason behind your activity.

I was speechless, trying to find out the reasons to answer my logical mind,my reactions were like these....





My logical mind asked again

...ok, let it go, tell me a valid reason behind your activity.

i was answer-less, my logical mind laughed out and said

...let me asnwer the questions, 

1.actually there is no valid reason behind sharing your pictures. why do you need "Like"s and "Comments"? i know you cant answer.

2."profit" is far away, its a total "wastage" of time and valuable energy when you share pictures for no reason except to be praised by others.

3. Yesterday you were feeling to much bored, have enough FREE TIME to waste so you wasted it.

4. You told the "Half truth", you hide the present truth and pretended to be fine in every aspect, as it was "Half truth" so the other "Half" was purely a "lie".

Hope you have got me.

The truth is easy to sail yourself away in the flow but its really tough to sort out "why should i do it"? its tough to realise your activity when you have lost your own thought process and following the crowd.

And the most toughest work leave any type of addiction...whether smoking or consumption of alcohol or consumption of "Likes" in your own pictures for the shake of "Like".


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