"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Social Media And Psychology

(Facebookians=Those who wait for the likes and comments  on their pictures after posting)

when i decided to open an account in fb i have to take lots of safe guards...


if i would have not made the reason clear to the people who are closed to mine then i could have get some slaps,kicks and the thrushes of their sandals and for this i really would have not blame them coz for long years i have raised the question...why should i count "Likes" or why should i wait for the "likes" posting a picture of mine?

Specially two of my most closed students ,one who is addicted to fb and other social media thus playing a gambling with his own future and is unable to make himself separate from social media to concentrate fully in his carrier and study, another one who never had a fb account and will never open account there(until he gets a proper valid reason behind it) because he can relate and realize what i have made him understand, now if these two students came to know suddenly about my account in fb and then if they tried to thrush me with their sandals and shoes then i admit that it would not be their fault.

So after my involvement in my colony i suggested them to make a page in fb to promote the cultural events of our colony and my colony members given the responsibility in my shoulders. i opened an account with the name of the character i played in the drama(Last year Durga Puja) for which i get huge appreciation and most of the colony members started to recognize and call me with that name, i opened the account with that name so that my colony members can relate with me and can realize who has created that page and submitting the posts.

from 2010 i am in twitter, accessed it for long three years spending a good amount of time there, then i started to use it again(after joining blogging) in a profound way after a gap of three years.
I use facebook only to make the post about the news and activities of my colony, except that i have no connection with it ,this is the reason i have been able to get only 24 friend in last eight months(shame on me).

Now whats the common notion about Facebook among the people or what is the common activity most of the people performing in fb is...posting a pic they count the number of likes.

 fb itself does not ask for your picture all the time rather they ask..."what's on your mind" and earlier they used to ask ..."what's happening"(so far i can remember").

yesterday for the first time i searched some of my co-bloggers there to see what is their activity and what i found(In a humorous note)...

Oh. my God !!!!! my co-bloggers have become pure "facebookians" there, just like other facebookians they are giving comments to the pictures,those comments are just like the other facebookians which neither have excellency of English(Or any other language) nor have anything short to some extent cheap(not as much as cheap like the regular facebookians ) and monotonous comments, their activity ignited the thoughts in me...Ramkrishna Paramhansa Dev said..."Jekhane jemon sekhane temon"(jahan par jaisa wahan par aisa), which is the same as..."while in Rome behave like Romans", so what wrong my dear co-bloggers are doing making comments with cheap English and monotonous discussion?

My social media experience says...

To be in should have good hold in English and Hindi and simultaneously should have good knowledge in any of the contemporary issues like...sports, politics,religion or society.

To be in should have excellent writing skill and also should have deep knowledge at least in one genre.

To be in Facebook...a good camera,if not then a good mobile which has a good camera quality, some dresses like jeans, t-shirts, shirts,leggings, tops, lehanga, some hot dresses and should have some knowledge in photo editing plus lots of free time to use the camera, dresses and for the photo editing.

I know few people who have invested more than lacs of rupees in their dresses just to post picture in facebbok to get more and more "like"...yes, its true, i have not exaggerated at all.

Except these some people are doing some good works also in fb.

In a humorous tone....

Story 1
i noticed the doctor is wearing the dress for the surgery and he is in hurry, being curious i asked
...Hi Doc., why are in hurry? is the condition of the patient degrading, does the patient need surgery right now?

Doctor(while taking his stethoscope)

...oh no, the patient is totally ok, even i can go for his surgery after six days.

...Then why are you heading towards the operation theater for that patient? now i have shortage of pic for fb, i need some fresh and new pics, while doing the surgery my attender will take pics and make recording which i will share in fb.

...Just for "Likes"?

...yah, obviously.

Story 2
The President of India ordered the commander to launch the missile for enemy country.

The army men after getting the order became excited too much and after few hours we got the news...Kolkata, one of the metro cities of India with skyscraper buildings has turned into a flat area for the missile launched by the Indian army.

Investigation team started investigation in this issue and the report they submitted is
...The army men did not have fresh and good pics for their fb so when they received the order for the missile launch they became so much excited to take pics of their activity that caused the wrong direction of the missile.

Moral of the story is...some people are there who are dedicated to their works and also satisfied and for this they do not need public opinion, on the other hand who need to use social media have certain promotion, publicity(brand or any other things) and marketing, except these one category is also there...who share pics for the shake of the "Likes" and "comments" only.


Does not it reflects your mental dissatisfaction (towards life and in your day to day activity) when Facebook "Likes" matters so much for you when you are doing it only for "Likes" and "comments"?

By the can easily guess what will happen to the patient if such an upper mentioned doctor performs the surgery....

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