"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Teaching...

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I was spending evening time with my friends, Arnab reached there thirty minutes late than usual, seeing his condition we all were surprised, he was totally exhausted, upset eyes and sad face, we started to ask him questions seeing his condition, he was silent and after taking a cup of tea he managed to talk…

You all know I am in love with Tina from last one year, the day before yesterday she informed me that her parents is searching a groom and Tina requested me to meet her father and to express my desire to marry Tina, you all know this?
Nodding our heads we agreed.

He started again…

Today I visited her home, after meeting her in her room I went to meet her father, he was just back from college and was reading newspaper sitting in Dining room, with a fast beating heart I sat in the front sofa and was hesitating to talk, when he asked me whether I wanna say something or not, then taking the name of God I informed him that Tina and I are in love from past one year and I want to marry her.

Do you know what he has done after hearing my proposal?

We all asked eagerly…what?

With a sad and upset voice Arnab replied…

He has slapped me randomly and was roaring out of anger and has given many 

adjectives before my name, like ‘Idiot”, “Swan”, Janwar” etc

We all exclaimed and asked…and he made you get out from the house?

The question which was knocking into all of our minds is…where Tina was when all these were happening

Arnab answered...she tried to stop her father and also admitted that she loves me but her father started to slap her also.

I did not make any comment after hearing the incident, when I was thinking about this in night lots of questions came into my mind, 

1.     Arnab got slapped because he talked about Love….so what he has learnt today is….in return of truth you will get slapped. 

2.     Arnab is a gentle boy and belongs from a gentle family, if Arnab had a defame being a Goon could Mr. Professor slap him? Mr. Professor has fully utilized the gentleness of Arnab.

3.     Arnab has expressed his good intention and feeling about Tina so her father slapped him…if Arnab would have said “Your girl is a mean and a third graded girl” I am sure Mr. Professor would surely not slap Arnab rather he would ask Arnab why he is saying so about Tina and would try to make Arnab understand that his daughter is a good girl.
4.     Being a professor and an elder person also what message he has spread to the next generation?...when someone talks about love and has honest courage to express his feelings then make a chaos, beat him, thrash him and insult him…this is the message Mr. Professor has given through his activity.

I have always believed that being an elder you have some responsibilities towards the juniors, your juniors will learn from you whether it’s your sister or brother or children or junior friends and you should always be conscious about it, if you are spreading hatred, cheating and ditching and in return if you expect respect and good behaviors from the juniors then you are the biggest fool.

I think Mr. Professor could handle this situation more peacefully, showing his maturity and wisdom being an elder and an educated one and a respectable person (in the eyes of the people). Mr. Professor could discuss this matter with both Arnab and Tina and could take a decision taking care of the affections and desires of his daughter.

Mr.Professor is unable to realize the simple fact that Arnab and Tina could elope to be together but they did not perform any such activity...

But the good thing in this incident is…. Tina did not vanish from the scene and did not give all the blame to Arnab, she stood for her love. In many such cases the girl suddenly disappears from the scene and takes the side of her parent to safe guard herself.

This is a really incident that has happened approximately eighteen days ago9for privacy concern I have changed the names ) and from last eighteen days I am in continuous connection with Arnab…because I am afraid of Mr. Professor , he can harass Arnab in many ways.

The story does not ends here, Tina’s marriage is already fixed with someone else by her father …in my next post I will share something more interesting…stay tuned.

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