"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Meeting,,.

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I was chasing an eve teaser, he was running fast…yes he was faster than me and naturally I found it very hard to catch him but did not stop chasing…

I was in a school premise, looking around but not found anyone, probably classes were going on, I was looking here and there, there were lots of big trees there, I stepped towards a building and entered into a room, probably it was an office room  but there were no body in the room,  I was about the leave but suddenly I found “her’, yes “her”…she was in the adjacent room , I saw her from the window and then she entered into the room where I stood, its after more than ten years we met again, she wore a yellow colored Saree with black prints  and she was looking stunning, marvelous, outstanding, nice, beautiful, awesome, mind blowing…. her hair were open, she stood in front of me, there was a smile in her face as  it used to be whenever she used to look at me…the most beautiful smile of the world. So many thoughts, so many unspoken words were knocking into my mind, I was seeing her as I used to see her earlier….the greatest creation of God, the greatest art of God, the greatest marvel of supreme Lord. All my anger(there are few, its natural na?) were vanished as it used to be whenever I got her close to me, love…only love and only love that totally engrossed me, just like earlier……. I asked…why did you….

Standing near the bathroom of that school I was observing how she was directing the kids to step out from the gate carefully. When everyone gone i went to her and we stepped toward a room, thought I will ask and share lots of things with her…we found the room in a disorder state, the bed was full with dresses, the desk and the floor were so unclean so we came to the previous room where I entered first. I asked…are you a teacher of this school?
She answered…no, my father is the owner of this school and sometime I come here to take care of these kids….

She was checking the accounts, an old aged person knocked her from behind the window and told something, she replied and became busy again, seeing her busy I was roaming around the school premise in the search of that eve teaser, in the back side of the building I saw some big pipes probably they are the outlets of washrooms, all are white In color and also the wall… the painting is still to be done means the school is under construction.

 When I came back I saw her waiting for me…I went closer to her…tried to hug her And suddenly……………………………………………….i got a heavy pressure to pee and my sleep broken.

Yes, all these happened yesterday night when I was sleeping…in my dream.
Today probably I searched Google for the maximum time in a day in my life….i was trying to find out that Saree…..

Sorry for the missing links in the description….all these happens in dreams…you know.

Still the question remained answered…why did she…..

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