"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Revenge

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In my previous post  The Teaching I have shared the ridiculous behavior of an elder person and how he has forced two loving hearts to be separate.

Now naturally the questions can rise in mind that what was the reaction of Arnab, according to basic instincts a revenge mentality will surely grow up in his mind, yes Arnab has planned a revenge.

The fact is who are really educated and gentle can never perform any mean and ungenerous activity, this is the reason I sometime make question on education of some people when they easily perform mean and beast like activities. It’s also true that we can’t control our brains fully but if you don’t regret or try to modify your wrong activities then neither you are human nor you are gentle…”humanity”, “Conscience” all these are easy to speak but really very tough to perform.

Coming to the incidents…

So, Arnab get slapped by Mr. Professor for expressing his love for Tina, he was trying to find out a way so that he can make their marriage happen, five days already passed after that incident and we got the news that Mr. Professor has arranged Tina’s marriage with someone else. This was really a very pathetic news for Arnab, he was totally upset and became silent. We somehow brought him to spend time with us during the evening time.

After six more days when we were spending our evening time that day Chetan reached there and entered with a smiling face, we all were surprised, Arnab was also present there, Chetan was looking at him and smiling. 

Let me tell you in short about Chetan….Chetan’s father is a businessman and has various types of Business. Chetan never had much interest in study so from last two years he is taking care of his father’s business.

So, observing the smile in Chetan’s face we thought there is a good news especially at this time when Arnab’s love story is almost in last stage.

I asked…what happened? Why are you smiling?

Chetan, somehow managed to stop his smile and informed…Tina’s father came to meet my father while I was doing Sandhya Arti(evening Puja) in our Banquet hall  to book the hall for Tina’s marriage.

We all shout out…and this makes you happy?

…look from the beginning I am trying to make Arnab understand not to make any relation with Tina, I never liked the family of Tina and especially his father.

He stopped and there was a pin drop silence for a while and then the revenge mentality of Arnab got its height, he was totally depressed…he was weeping and said
…..Bhai,Tina ke papa ko ek pais bhi discount mat dena, pura ka pura paisa lena unse (don’t give  a single penny discount to Tina’s father)

Chetan replied…Look, we always give some formal discount to everyone…

Weeping Arnab stopped him and strictly instructed…No this time you will not give any discount, take the full amount from them for our friendship.

We all laughed out.

Above all a loving and caring heart can never harm or misbehave with the persons whom they consider their dear ones.

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