"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


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From last few days I was thinking to write a post on this topic, now yesterday I watched the movie Pink , so felt to write this post today.

I wanna request the girls---girls, plz don’t wear jeans and tops or hot pants.

Yah, I am irritated with your habit of wearing such dresses, it irritates me a lot.

Ok,ok, just relax, cool down, before you start to make arguments with me please go through the post and share your view points and I must say that this is not a serious post, I just shared some of my thoughts, that’s all.

Again I am requesting you to cool down because i am not going to exchange logic with you, no one can win with the girls in this case, yes I have experienced it and one more thing is…. I am afraid of your anger.

So, what’s my problem with your habit of wearing jeans and tops?

In last few years women empowerment has become very active and the women organizations also, girls are now the best supporter of each other. What I believe is …yes, girls also have the authority to do jobs, to get higher education and they can wear the dress of their own choice.

Now a day I have heard the common allegations towards the boys is…Ladke aaj kal bahot ghurte hai hum-e.

Let me explain it logically, this is what I have felt….

Aaj kal ke ladke kyun ghurte hai ladkiyon ko yeh pata nehi but hamare zamane ke ladke toh confused ho ke ghurte hai….look, from my very childhood I am habituated to see the girls in Salwar and Saree and the boys in jeans and t-shirts, now when I go outside home I become confused who is a girl and who is a boy, dress is creating the confusion and you can’t blame for this, it’s all about habit. When I see anyone in saree and salwar then I immediately understand that …this is a girl (woman). Now, some girls are keeping short hairs and some boys started to keep long hairs so this is also creating problem to recognize whether it’s a girl or a boy. So what I felt is …humare zamane ke ladke ghurte hai ladkiyon ko isi confusion se ke yeh ladki hai ya ladka? 

Look I am not making any jokes on you, it’s the fact sometime it creates confusion and I believe that with time we will be habituated with all these.

But I must appreciate the unity of girls, this is the reason I have said earlier that women empowerment  has become very active in last few years, suppose a boy likes to wear salwar or saree and he goes outside home wearing a salwar, bangles, anklets and with long hair….will he be accepted as a normal person? the one who will start to laugh at this boy are the other boys, the way girls supports each other on wearing the jeans and tops, in the same way the boy will not get support from other boys, few days ago I talked with one of my cousin sister in whatsapp on this topic.

As you say that wearing dresses is the “choice” of individual, so it also can be a choice of a boy to wear Salwar or saree, girls let me ask you a question….will you like or love that boy or get married with a boy who has the habit of wearing salwar or saree. Look, logically, physically and biologically there should be no problem to get married with such a boy.

Logically he has the “choice” to wear any dress.

Physically he will remain a boy even after wearing a salwar.

Biologically even after marriage he will be able to be a father not a mom.

Think how it will look….a couple is walking in the street, one has wore jeans and top and another one has wore salwar and has beautiful mehendi designs in hand and has long hair….the one who has wore the jeans and top is the wife and the another one who has wore the salwar is the husband.

Now let me make you clear that why I am irritated with your habit of wearing jeans and top(actually I am not irrigated at all, I was just joking) …first of all it make feel that how much unity girls have(it make me happy) but simultaneously it make me feel that boys does not have that unity.

Second reason is…it confuses the boys of my era whether they are looking at girls or boys, look you can’t be angry in this matter coz from childhood we are habituated to see girls in salwar and saree and above all I must say that I have no habit (I swear) to look at the girls, sometime people misunderstood me with my habit but the fact is…i have seen such a face that I need not to look at other girls.

 But there are many boys who are planning to get married soon, so when they go outside home they look at the girls with the hope that may be they will find their soul mate, may be a face will kill him. So for the sake of these boys you should wear salwar at least two days in week.

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