"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Household Works---Journey of Love and Destination

Being a brave heart girl Tina has always loved to face her problems herself, but today after talking with that lady she was feeling very nervous, she needed time to acquire courage, so she went home, after being freshen-up she rested for a minute, while doing all these she was making her mind ready to face the family.

Nearly at 7 PM Tina visited the house of that boy, a teenage girl open the door, after watching Tina with surprised eyes the girl asked

---You are Tina, Right?

Tina replied with a smile

---I am Lipi, Arnab is my elder brother,please come in.
The girl took Tina to her mother; she was taking rest in her bedroom.
---Mom, look, who has come.

That lady was very happy to see Tina, with a joyous voice she said

---come close to me, sit here. 

Then she paused for a while and asked 

---what’s in your bag?
Tina replied with hesitation

---actually I have brought the household
 things you have written in the lists.

The lady smiled and asked Tina to sit near her. When Tina sat, she was looking at her very minutely and said

--- you are exactly that  my son described, am really very happy to see you. I will ask for your view towards my son later, first you show what you have brought.

Tina showed everything that she brought.

After seeing the goods Lipi and her mother both laughed out loudly, they were laughing continuously, Tina stood with a perplexed mind and she was unable to understand why they were laughing so much. After two minutes they both controlled themselves and that lady said

---You are perfect for my son; you are perfect to be better half of my son, you and my son are complementary to each other. 

Tina asked
 ---but why are you saying so?

Lipi answered

---Mom has written Potato, Cauliflower, Brinjal, Tomato, Green Chili, Mocha(Cone of the Banana), Ladies Finger and Pumpkin, you have bought potato, ladies finger and tomato and my brother has bought the rest items today just thirty minutes ago. I had written Sunscreen lotion, exercise books, pencils, art papers, one of white colored and another yellow colored and shampoo and you have bought the books, pencils and art papers and my brother has bought the rest items.

Then the lady said

---hope now you can understand why I have said that you are  best to be “better half” of my son, you both are complementary to each other.

It was tough for Tina to control herself, she hugged that lady, and water was flowing from her eyes continuously.

The lady said

---Now from today you will call me Mom, ok?

That time the door bell rang, Lipi said

---Probably Dada has returned, we will not tell anything to him ok?

Everyone agreed.

Arnab was totally astonished seeing Tina beside his Mom, he was trying it hard to speak anything.

Tina was unable to look at him, so lowering her head she sat silently. After two minutes of silence Tina asked the lady,
---Mom , can I talk to him for a minute.

They both were in the balcony of Arnab’s room in the first floor. Arnab was silent, Tina said

---I have always believed that if you love someone truly and purely then one day you will get your beloved for sure. You have to wait for it. I started to love you when we were in Master’s degree first year, but I never wanted to express my feelings, I want to see whether my love has the power or not those days you were too much focused with your career, now it’s been long three years we have completed our masters, my family members has asked me many times whether I am ready for marriage or not, sometime they have tried to force me but I can’t think anyone without you. Your family has already accepted me.

Arnab was listening silently.

Tina said again
----waise bhi, kisi shayar ne kaha hai….
”Pyaar karna asaan hai
Baat jab intezaar ki ho toh…
Aksar log matlabi baan jaate hai.”

Now Arnab got something to say, he replied with a smile
---Jis shayar ki tum baat kar rahe ho, woh koi aur nehi mera dost hai Jyotirmoy. Usne apni shayri series “Tadap 97” me yeh likha tha.

Then they both laughed out.

After a minute they both were finding it hard how they are in each others arms.

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