"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Interview: Blogger And author Priyanka Nair

Today i am gonna share a short interview of  Priyanka Nair, a mental health awareness blogger and  the creator of Virtual siyahi.

Me:  Why blogging?

Priyanka:  I used to write a lot since my school days, then I picked up poetry as my hobby and in 2016, I eventually came across creating an online diary and spreading my thoughts to the people around me. I created my free blog and started blogging absolutely clueless about the blogging arithmetic.

Me:     How the transformation did took place from finance to psychology?

Priyanka: I am actually laughing at myself when I read this question, I have been a continuous learner, and trust me when I say this Stock market was my first love, I used to trade, I was a certified Mutual Fund advisor once and also cleared four groups of CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst), I was working with an MNC even after my marriage, but as I said writing was my hobby and I am a very sensitive person. Hence when I developed my niche as Mental Health awareness, I wanted to learn more about it and trying with my attempt by research on psychology.

Me:  I have come to know about your illness and about your depression as one of the consequences through your writing, now i would like to ask you to share some experience from depression days and what impacts it has left in your thoughts? 

Priyanka: It was in 2016, I was diagnosed with a worse for of tubercular and I had 14-17 tumors around my food pipe, abdomen and liver, it was difficult for me to even breathe. I was working, doing well in my career, my beautiful baby girl was 2.5-year old that time and we represented a perfect happy family. Suddenly this disease hit me and I had to quit my job, I had to undergo several tests, scans, biopsies to confirm it is not cancer and it is curable. 
The pain the trauma it bought was unexpected as I used to lie unconscious for hours and could not pay attention to my baby, could not be normal, could not get up, could not work. I started feeling depressed, it was my daughter's one question which changed my perspective, as mom took care of me and my daughter, she asked her what if mama never gets up, who will hug me and feed me nani (grandma)? 
Something inside me pumped and I got my calling.

Me:    How did you overcome it?

Priyanka: I overcome it because I WANTED to, yes Will Power is a basic factor for anyone to overcome or go done in any situation. I never wanted to be a story of misery and wanted to be known as a strong woman, that's what I became.

Me:   How is the experience of the journey as a blogger?

Priyanka: It has been a wonderful ride I would say as I have faced a lot of criticism, bickering, snide comment, appreciation, lots of love, a complete emotional package which only helped me to grow as a person and learn a lot in life.

Me: How are you feeling after being an author?

Priyanka: I still feel as if I am dreaming, but with this Blogchatter challenge, I have discovered my own potential and abilities and I want to work more and contribute more effectively with my pen in my hand.

Me:  What motivates you or your real life motivations?

Priyanka: My daughter is my biggest motivation, when she sees me doing work from home she feels secure and happy that my mama is working hard but she is there for me, which motivates me to work more, hustle more.

Me:    whats your  your philosophy of life?

Priyanka: Live and let live, I know a very old philosophy but it works for me. We have a lot to deal with already, people around us are struggling a lot already at least we can try to make this world a better place to live.

Me:  what are the obstacles you have faced during blogging?

Priyanka: I was not aware of the proper blogging structure, terms, it works so it was very difficult for me to expand my reach but keep patience worked for me.

Me:   Challenges faced while publishing the first book.

Priyanka: Editing and proofreading was the biggest challenging task while publishing my very first book, as a newcomer in this field I was very hesitant, doubtful and scared of the reviews and feedback.

Me:  Why people should visit your blog?

Priyanka: If you want to read something which could connect with you if you want to have a wonderful time discovering yourself and understand that why you should take charge of your life, I invite you to be my guest :)

Me:   How will you define yourself?

Priyanka: I am a very simple person; I keep it simple in everything I do. I feel grateful for everything I have in my life and only thrive to be a better version of what I am at present.

Me:   Favorite pass time? Hobby?

Priyanka: The writing was and writing is my hobby and now my passion and purpose of life, so I am enjoying my hobby. Apart from writing, I love to dance and play guitar.

 Me:  How do you manage time for blogging?

 Priyanka: It is a little difficult with a baby by side and of course a family to manage. Although it a myth surrounding a SAHM mom (Stay At Home Mom) that being a mom blogger is the easiest task any mom could take up, but let me tell you it is really a difficult task one it comes to sustain.
You have finished an assignment but your baby needs you, your thoughts are pouring out of your mind and you just want to write it down but you have to cook, these are a very basic example. But just like other mothers, I manage it when my baby is in school or when she is sleeping. rest of the time I just reply to the comments and check updates.
I need a peaceful and silent environment to write effectively and I don't want to miss out mother-daughter time, hence it is all about time management and balancing.


Me: At the end I would like to know about your fav author and poet.

Priyanka: My fav author is Paulo Coehlo and latest poets crush is Kahlil Gibran


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    1. Glad you liked it Didi.appreciation from a blogger like you always means a lot.

  2. It was nice to read the journey of Priyanka Nair through this interview post. Thanks for sharing :) Jyotirmoy.

  3. Inspiring to know about a person who didn't give up and emerged a winner.

  4. Very Inspiring Priyanka! You are setting an example for many more who have really lost their hopes.

  5. It is always a revelation to unfold someone's journey. Although it seems simple and interesting but we all have our moments and rolling stones. A determined and motivated women she is. Nice initiative Jyotirmoy.