"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Family Picnic 2016---Seasonal Celebration

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Whenever I have been one of the organizer of any picnic the first and foremost importance I have given is the security of the ladies who will be there in picnic coz now a day’s drinking alcohol has become a common trend among the Gen-Y and if the drunkards are uneducated (Though literate) then there is a high probability that something unethical will surely gonna happen. I am scared about all these, not scared of the drunkards…I am scared about myself coz if I have to hit them to stop them then they will surely be in hospital for seven eight days but it’s always better to avoid such chaos, being a peace lover I have always tried to choose the picnic spot and date where there is less probability of other picnic teams.

4 years back when we(me and my sister) took our students to picnic that time I decided the date 26th Dec with the common sense that in 25th Dec. and 1st January the rush of picnic happens so there is higher probability that lesser number of picnic teams can be seen on 26th Dec. and luckily I was right, there were no picnic parties except us and the whole river was captured by us, there were lots of girls with us and there were no necessity to be too much careful about their movements.

This year a picnic has been arranged in our family and I decided the place for various reasons…
First of all, it’s the farm house of one of my student’s father, so it’s totally secure. The area of the farm is 19 Bighas that is almost 1 acre of land.

Secondly, there is river, hills and jungles to explore, to feel the beauty of the nature.

Third reason is, one of my aunt’s house and also the house of one of my students are near this factory so they arranged everything for us.

Here are some pics of the farm house...

One End of the Farm House
View from Middle(North-West Side)

View From Middle(East Side)

View from Middle(west Side)

There is another important reason which I will share in my next post...titled "*******From Millionaire to Middle Class"

It was totally a village tour; the factory is situated in a village approx. 60km from my hometown. My aunt and my student (who arrived his village the day before the picnic) arranged everything before the day of picnic; we (my family and my uncle’s family) actually had nothing to do for arrangement.

A Tea stall where i took a cup of Tea

In  the day of picnic we started our journey from our house nearly at 7;30am and reached there nearly at 9:30am, in the picture you can see me bare footed coz I stepped into the car from my house and I knew reaching the place I will explore the river so why I need shoes? Though, I took my shoes and socks in the car.  

It was an awesome day we have spent in last Saturday, everyone took leave from their job fields.
The interesting activity was shooting, my cousin brother(elder) brought their riefel(bird shooting) and all our brothers and siters tried their aim, I was surprised to see that I tried three times to hit different targets and I did it successfully!!!! shoot i go for shooting in Olympic ????---Just Kidding.

Another interesting place that I found there is the Pump house, it was really unbelievable to see such a well maintained and beautifully decorated place in a remote village like this, though I heard about this place no body explained its so beautiful. Here are some pics of that place...
Entrance of the Pump House

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a View of The River from the Pump House

Here are some pics of our Picnic

It was like reliving my childhood days, being "far from the madding crowd" and far from the different pollution we have spent a day in fresh air and  in the lap of nature.

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