"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


“Time” is destructive

“Let’s play Lukachhupi(Hide and Seek) With the kids in the streets or in the  old temples as we used to do during our childhood”---tell this to any person in between of ages 40-50 years.


We all know what answers we will get--- the obvious thing that will happen is no-body will show interest to play. Yah it is obvious, it’s confirm, how can I say this? Ok, let me ask a question---have you seen any person in between the ages 40-50 years to play Lukachhupi in the streets with the kids of age range 5-11 years?


Why I am talking only about those people whose age is in between 40-50 years, even the boys and girls of age range 30-40 years will show no interest.


But the truth is, when we, who are not kid now, see that some kids are playing the games those we used to play in our childhood then it reminds us the childhood memories, we remember those “golden days”, we remember how we used to play, we remember the faces and the names of our friends, we remember the places where we used to play, we remember clearly the cheatings those we and our friends used to do, we remember how we used to quarrel with friends in small issues and after remembering all these we take a deep breath and feel sorry because those days are no more, those Times has passed.



Now imagine---

A CEO(age 40 years) of a famous MNC is playing hide and seek with kids of ages 5-11 years in the streets of a village or in a colony…


A professor of age 45 years is playing the same game with the same kids and the in the same places that I have mentioned upper.


A school-teacher of age 50 years or an engineer of 35 years is playing the same game with some kids.

It’s only possible in imagination; it is never going to happen…

So where is the problem? --- Ego (negative sense), and too much consciousness is the main reasons…


I proposed this idea to some people of age range 35-40 years and the reactions are---“ paagal ho geya hai kya?”(Have you gone mad?),

“Umaar nehi rehi”( don’t have the age),

“Shobha nehi deti”( Doesn’t suit now),

 “Log kya kahenge?”(What people will think”)

“Log haasenge mujhpe”( People will laugh at me).


Talking about their ego and explaining their disinterest to play hide and seek with kids, what I want to mean?


All these people are wrong---that’s what I want to say? 


Probably you are thinking that I want to say that after having a job that person has become egoistic?


Do I want to mean that it’s their haughtiness?


I want to mean that after earning a lot and holding a good position there have grown too much vanity in those people?


Or I want to mean that those people don’t possess good mentality? 


I want to mean none of these; I don’t want to blame these people nor will I…


“Time” ---these all are the game of “Time”---

Ask any kid to play hide and seek in the streets---not a single kid will give a reply as we, the elders give---why?

Because kids possess simple mind and simple thoughts, as we grow up “Time” makes us complex, makes our thought process complex, forces us to think complexly, it’s the game of “Time” that “Time” plays in time to time.


The kids who enjoys playing in the streets one day will “Grow Up” and they will behave and think like us, because “Time” will make them complex as it has made us. “Time” will kill the simplicity of these kids; “time” will force these kids to think complexly---it’s a game of time and we call it “Growing Up”.


Does “growing up” means to kill our simplicity? Oh no!!!! please don’t think that I want to say that we all are complex minded people but it’s also true that we, the elders have made some differences between complexity and simplicity, we all have some simplicity in us but  unfortunately we don’t have as much as simplicity as a kid have. 


Now please don’t misunderstand this post by thinking that I am telling you to play childhood games leaving all your important works or ignoring your responsibilities and duties and also please don’t make excuse of “Time” saying that we don’t have time to play, every one of us spend some time to make ourselves relax, so you can use that time to play with the kids in the streets---


“Time” snatches our beautiful moments and gives us new one and again snatches those and this process goes on and on---


“Time” give us to snatch---“Time” are destructive in nature---this is the truth.


So what are you going to do?

Guys, I am waiting eagerly for your valuable comments?

I will be happy to get counter-logic---




  1. Growing up has its own pressures that is why one tends to loose the simplicity.

  2. If I am simple at heart, I automatically become a child in the street when I see playing children and interacting them in an approved simplest way would always be found.. Surely a very valuable question to every one, Jyotirmoy..Well said!

  3. Growing up is just like foregoing the deep ocean of innocence and simplicity as it has it's own strings attached. Very well written post dear!

  4. Beautiful post... You are right! Growing up makes us lose out on simple pleasures of childhood