"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Stepping toward Destruction

Progressing, we are progressing…



There was a time when we did not know why it rains?

We did not know why wind blows? Etc  etc.



That was the time when there were no difference between human beings and animals. But situation has changed a lot, as we are the most intelligent species in this universe, so we have progressed a lot. We have made researches; we have discovered lots of things and invented a lot. We have done it and still doing it to make our lives better, to make our society better…


We have progressed a lot comparatively than other species and in last two decades science and technology have made an immense and rapid progress. We are moving fast ---we live in a fast moving era. We are the creator of it, we all are running, we are proceeding towards a better life…



But the problem is---no one tells us what is at the end of the journey?

No one tells us ---what’s our ultimate?


So what’s our ultimate? Whenever we search for the answer of this question---whatever we read or hear is just the guessing and assumptions of some people, so let me guess something…

Do we control our lives?

Do we free enough to switch our lives in any direction?

No guys, we are not…


“Communication systems (Television, Mobile, Internet etc) will be off for one month for some reasons”

“Electricity of the world will be off for seven days”


When? Why? What wrong happened? Oh no (deep Sadness). These are some common questions will come into our panic mind after hearing the above written sentences…am I right?

Can you imagine consecutive seven days without mobile phones?

Can you imagine consecutive seven days without using internet or watching television?


If the internet system or the electricity of the whole world gets damaged for one day then there will be loss of millions amount of money, the world will face a big crisis…


So ironical!!!!---still we think we control our lives, we made/have made/still making all these technologies but very sorry to say that now we are under their control, we are under control of this technology---we are the most intelligent species in this universe and this species is now the slave of the technology…


We have trapped ourselves.


Have you heard about the “Big Crunch” theory?  It’s one of the assumptions how the universe will meet an end. Those who have not heard about it let me explain in short---

After the creation of the universe from Big Bang, the universe is expanding (though nobody knows where its expanding!!!!) and after trillions of trillions of years this expansion will stop and then the gravitational attraction will start to contract the universe and one day the whole universe will be contracted in a single point(the same as the beginning).


There were a time when we had to go outside home to do jobs, we had to go outside to play and to take tuition---those days we were expanding, but now we are contracting---now a days we take online tuition, we don’t play in the fields rather we play computer games, even we can earn doing various jobs just sitting in our beds and using desktops or laptops not only this---we have contracted a lot, we don’t use legs during playing football in computer because we don’t need it, we don’t use cycle r our legs to attend tuition because we don’t need it on online tuition.  Now-a-days our few fingers and our brains are enough to do all these jobs---am I right?


Roti maker, washing machine etc are the best examples how technology is helping us to make less use of our body parts---am I right?


After few years we will be able to do jobs (whatever it is) sitting in our drawing rooms, we will be able to do marketing just sitting in our bedrooms ,don’t worry about who will bring our ordered materials to our homes---robotic technology is in progress also.


Technology is progressing with a rapid speed, now-a-days we use two fingers and our brain while watching TV, working in computers, during playing computer games.


Why appendix of our body is useless? Why our tails has vanished? Evolution, we did not use these for long years so it gradually vanished or became useless.


Cricket has shifted from Test matches to 50 over one day match to twenty- twenty---the need of using our feet has become less, in test matches a player has to use his feet for five days and now they use it for only 3 hours.


It will take long time, yes evolution does not take place quickly, so it needs long years, in the mean time we will progress a lot in every field and one day will come when we will less use our fingers rather our eyes will send commands to change TV channels, to type words in computers, to play computer games and after trillions of years only our hands, legs and other body parts will vanish except our brains and two eyes, oh, it may also happen that we will remain with one eye and our brains, in this trillions of years Big Crunching  process will start and it will contract us to smaller size---so from the two directions---evolution and Big Crunch, we will be shorter and more shorter….


We all (including me) are enjoying our journey towards destruction, so let me pray...

I wish a beautiful and nice destructive journey to all of us.


And also…

Wish you all a happy technological life with---


Two eyes and a brain


One eye and a brain.


Hope one day we will meet and will not shake hands, rather we will shake eyes or will greet each other by hitting each other’s brain…

Feel free to make comments and to ask me any question…


  1. Recently I was reading up about Cuba. Most part of it is still untouched by internet.
    People can survive. I am keen to see if the world will really crash without communication.
    Good to know about your thoughts. :)

  2. Well written down your points, Jyotirmoy.. A Nice Post!