"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Literary illiterate(Padhe –likhe Murkh)

Few months ago I had an experience………..

I was traveling by train, in the next station of mine; approx. a 40 yr old person boarded the train and sat beside me. After 20 minutes my co-passenger received a call and starts to talk, first 10 minutes he talked about their work and then the caller mentioned about a girl, I realized it hearing their conversation. The girl about whom they were talking has completed M.Tech. Five years ago, the main theme of their conversation was ----why that girl is still unmarried, for 30 minutes they talked about it and assumed all most all the probable reasons. The caller referred certain person to my co-passenger who can provide better info about tat girl, After completing conversation with the caller my co-passenger made a call to that person and intellectually start to take info about that girl, but seeing his expression I realized that he is not satisfied with the info, so he called another person and again intellectually he started to take info about that girl. The journey was two hours long and my co-passenger spent all this two hours in taking the info about the girl. From their conversation I have made a list they have made, the probable reasons why that girl is still unmarried
1. Probably she got ditched in love.
2. Probably her parents are not performing their responsibilities for her marriage.
3. Probably she loves someone and her lover is still unable to take the responsibilities of their married life.
4. Probably her father had lots of loans and the girl is still busy to compensate the loans and so unable to arrange money for her marriage
.5. Probably she has some physical problem.
6. Probably she does not have belief in the concept of marriage.

My co-passenger made all these assumptions and shared his view with everyone he called.

When we were about to leave the train he received a call from home and the caller asked …”why your phone was busy? I was trying for last one hour”
This is the sentence I guessed from his answer because he replied …’I was busy to talk with the students about the upcoming exam, in between ten minutes I will reach home”.

The most ridiculous, astonishing and bewildering fact is my co-passenger is a professor of a renowned college.
I came to know about his profession when he was talking with the first caller, he was informing that the upcoming exam will not be taken because of strike; the next date will be announced very soon. He also gave some suggestions about the exam.
 I had to travel one our bus journey…in that bus journey I was searching answers of few questions after this incident----
1. Are this the signs of a literate person?
2. What is the profit to spend time in gossiping about others?
3. If u can’t make good to someone then why spending time for that person.
4. Is it right to make assumptions about someone and spreading it among others? How will you feel if it happens with you?
5. Is it right to make assumptions about someone without knowing the truth
6. If the Professor is really concerned or worried about that girl, if he really have good intentions then why he is not talking with the girl? Why he is not trying to solve her problem (if any)? I have come to know that the girl is also a student of that professor
7. is it wrong to spend your life in your way, especially when you are self-dependent (that girl works as a part time lecturer).
8. Is it wrong to struggle for your dreams?
9. What type of pleasures these types of people get spreading a rumor about someone?
10. The time these types of people spend to make gossip about someone…. why don’t they spend that time for some good, constructive works?

In the one hour bus journey I was trying to find out the answers of these questions. Why some people are so much interested to melt their noses in others matter.
If I am requested to express my feelings when I was hearing their conversations then I will say----I was getting an inner feeling to beat that Professor….

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