"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Habit...The Second Nature

When its about social gatherings...i am far away from this, those who are the regular readers of my blog knows it full well but this time the situation was different, it was the birthday of one of my closed relatives and i have been given some responsibilities which i had to complete in between the dead line.
Around 8 PM when the guests started to visit the party i was totally busy with my thoughts sitting in the crowd in the corner of a sofa coz i found not a single place in the entire house where i could spend time alone, even not the terrace. 

Different people made different groups as it happens in every party and were busy in their discussion or in gossips, nothing attractive were there...not a single young lady, oh God so much boring it was but the situation changed after a while when Mr.Ghosh entered there with his family, they took seats in the dining hall and the host were introducing Mr. Ghosh with other invitees, after a while when Mr. Ghosh was talking with some other people he informed them that his daughter is suffering from lots of diseases from very childhood days, though she is under treatment in a famous nursing home of India but her diseases are so much critical that those cant be healed totally, he has to visit the nursing home two times a year yet not much improvement has been observed in her daughter's condition,it happens frequently that her daughter has to take bed rest for six to seven days which hampers her study a lot.

All these information Mr.Ghosh not only shared with a single  group of people rather before the dinner when he was spending time with other groups he was talking about his daughter's condition and every time his family members, i mean his wife and his daughter were present there.

If you see his daughter you can easily understand her physical condition, she i presently a student of first year in college but she will look like a girl of seven or eighth standard...her growth has slowed down due to the diseases.

So, what i experienced while i was roaming in the house in the search of a lone place...

The group of Aunties, they were discussing about the girl, they all were very upset knowing her condition and there were sad feelings in their hearts which they were expressing through their words,like

"May God bless this child"

"Oh God, how poor girl she is, think about her pains and sufferings"

"she has to tolerate so tough moments in life"

I shifted myself from that place and entered in another room where some uncles were discussing about the same girl...

"i think Mr.Ghsoh has burden over his shoulder of loans otherwise such treatment is very tough to carry on"

"Think about the expenditure her father has to bear every month, i wish the girl recovers soon"

Finding no space to spend time alone i returned back to dinner hall and after a while the dinner has been served and i was very happy that now very soon i can leave this place.

After returning back home being freshen up i just opened my computer that time my sister entered in my room and asked angrily...

was it very necessary for Mr.Ghsosh to repeatedly inform the people about the condition of her daughter in front of her? does not he have the common sense that it will affect the psychology of her daughter, it will make her mentally weak and she will loose her strength to fight again the diseases, does not he have the minimum common sense that what to speak and where to speak?

Being a teacher my sister is much concerned about the mentality and the psychology of that girl, this is what she does not only in school rather to the students who take tuition from her and in this field she has quite good hold this is the reason her students not only share their problem related to subject or study rather they share their personal problem and always have got benefits.

This is what i wanted to focus through this real life experience...

My sister has seen and analyzed Mr.Ghosh and her daughter through a certain angle...according to her nature.

On the other hand...those aunties, who have motherly feelings were much worried  about the pain and sufferings of that girl.

Those uncles, who are the head of the families and taking care of the financial issues from several years, were much worried about the financial burden that Mr.Ghosh has to bear.

what about me?...

From the time i have heard about that girl i was constantly trying to figure out which vegetables and exercises can help her to improve her body immunity and will help to fight the diseases, but when returned back from when i completed thinking about that issue for one hour i dropped the idea of suggesting anything to Mr.Ghosh, coz why he will listen to me? who am i ? i am not a professional body builder not even i am a certified  nutritionist, yes some people have got benefits getting suggestions from me coz they personally know me from several years and my attachment to physical exercise but Mr.Ghosh knows nothing about me, so naturally he will ignore me, i have experienced it earlier, so i had to drop the idea.

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