"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


The Doubt---The Suspect

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This is not a work of fiction, the incident and the feelings of my most closed friend… both I have experienced last weekend when I visited his house.

(For the privacy Concern i have changed the names)

It’s been long time we did not meet each other, the busy schedule especially of my friend is being an obstacle for our meeting. Last week end I decided to meet my most closed friend Arnab, so availing the bus I reached his place nearly at 5 pm, he came to receive me with his bike and we reached his house in between 15 minutes, as per our old habit we decided to go for evening walk from 6:30pm…
we just came out from house and took the first turn, then there is a long and straight lane ahead to reach the main road, as just we started to walk in that lane suddenly Arnab whispered in my ears
…Look at the person coming from the opposite side, observe him.

Saying this he started to walk few steps ahead. The sudden instruction of Arnab made me very curious specially when it is said by such a person who does not have the habit to gossip about other people, so being curious I decided to observe the person and started to pretend that I am looking at the opposite end of the lane, the person was coming from the opposite direction so it was very easy for me to observe him by pretending that I was looking at the straight opposite end of the lane. As much as the distance between us was being short I was being more surprise by observing him…the person was frequently looking at Arnab, continuous ups and down of his eye lids became clearly visible when he was just 20 feet away from me, there was a “meaningful smile’ in his face, it seemed that he want to say something to Arnab, Arnab was walking lowering down his head.

When the person crossed us I asked Arnab about the ridiculous behavior of that person and what he informed is

…You know from last one and half year I am facing this torture, you have observed how he looks at me and the meaningful smile in his face?

..Yes I have.

Arnab started again

…He is Nikhil Da, he has bought a house in our colony almost two years ago and his house is in the left corner in the second lane in front our house. In the beginning he used to observe me very keenly and he continued this almost for six months and then he added a meaningful smile with his observation, in the beginning I thought he wants to talk to me so naturally I tried to reply back with a smile but whenever I tried this he has turned his face, so naturally I have stopped trying to reply with a smile and now I  don’t look at him when we cross each other.

I asked eagerly 

…why does he perform such ridiculous activity?

…look I have thought about it for long time and I have found only one reason.
..What’s that?

Arnab replied with a smile and said

…its all for Tina.

..Who is Tina?

…you know about our  last rental house where I stayed with my family for long ten years, in the opposite of our house Tina used to live with her family, we were in the same class but we were from different schools, she used to read in a girl’s school and we did not have any tuition in common, I must admit that she is a very good looking girl, now from past eight years Tina is married to Nikhil da, Tina was not so good in study and she also did not have much interest about higher education that’s why her parents arranged her marriage early. Now the interesting fact is before marriage Tina was in love with a boy for few years and their love story was known to all of our colony members and as you know that our old colony is adjacent to this new one so I guess Nikhil  Da has got any info about Tina’s love story and as Tina and I was neighbor for long years  so I think he suspect me as Tina’s ex boyfriend.

I laughed out loudly.

..Why are you laughing?

…so this is the matter.

..Yes, this can only be the matter otherwise why a person will look at you with a meaningful smile in his face and will never try to talk? as there is a very good relation of my family members with Tina’s parents that’s why I guess Nikhil Da has come to know that Tina was my neighbor for long eight years.

…yah, your thesis is very much logical.

…It does not end here; there is a big twist in this.

…what’s that?

…Tina’s ex boyfriend Rahul lives the same row where Tian’s house is, Rahul’s house is at the other end of that row.

I was confused what to say and how to express…

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