"Mohabbat bhi Zindagi ki tarah hoti hai
Har mod asaan nehi hota, har mod pe khushiya nehi milti.
Jab hum zindagi ka saath nehi chhodte toh
Mohabbat ka saath kyun chhode??


Love and Beating

Few days ago I came to now that a boy has been brutally beaten up by some people; the people are no other than the brother (With some of his friends) of that girl with whom the boy was in love.



Hearing the incident lots of questions were raising in my mind, now I think I must share the questions with you to know your view points, hope I will get answers from you.


When a boy and a girl are in relationship of love, sometime it happened that the brothers of that Girl beats the lovers of their sisters, every time A Boy is being blamed for the relationship?

Why? Why?



They are in love, they both have contribution to make this relationship, they both have made commitments and they both have performed some activities that the lovers perform….

Then why only A Boy is blamed or sometime accused?



What the brothers and the family members want to prove by beating the boy? ----Yah obviously they want to prove that---The boy has trapped their Girl.

What a ridiculous matter it is!!!!

Nobody asks these stupids about the activities performed by their girl, but I should not call them “Stupid” because they hide the proofs which can explain the truth of their Girl---they are clever.



1)“Meri Beeti ko fansaya hai iss Ladke ne” 

You can hear this many times.

Have you ever heard?


2) “Mere bete ko fansaya hai iss ladki ne”

Have you ever heard that a Girl has been beaten up brutally by some people for trapping a boy?


Compared to the first one the second one is negligible.



When a boy is blamed, accused or beaten for being in love with a girl then we immediately admit…the boy is wrong and the girl and her family members are right, may be not every time but most of the times it happens.





The second thought that came into mind is…

When a boy is blamed and beaten up then why the girl (His lover) doesn’t make protest, why she doesn’t come to front and don’t tell that the boy is not guilty, why she doesn’t admit that they both were in love? After the beating incident the girl is just disappears from the scene…


If you can’t stand by the side of your lover then you should not make love, if you don’t have the courage to face the world then you should not be in a relationship of love.



I wanna ask these girls…what about the promises you made to your lovers. What about the dreams you showed your lovers? What about the commitments that you promised to perform for life long?  What about the love you promised to shower upon him?



Now let me share another view point…

The girl never loved him truly, he was just a entertainer in her life, she wanted to enjoy some moments in her life, she wanted to made someone Bakhra, and when she came to know that a particular boy is in love with her so she utilized the feelings of that boy and when she became satisfied then, to through that boy out of her life she informed her brothers that the boy is disturbing her for few days---now being beaten brutally which one will have courage to open the mouth and to speak the truth????



It’s just a view point and thinks if this one is true then what will happen---this is the era of women empowerment, lots of girls and women are trying their level best to uplift the social condition of women and in this situation now if such a fraud girl (That I have mentioned above) start to make contribution in women empowerment then----one girl is enough to accuse wrongly and falsely ten-twenty boys.




It can also be seen that…after beating the lover and accusing him that he trapped their INNOCENT AND IMMATURE GIRL---“Meri Beeti ko fansaya hai iss Ladke ne”---within the six months of this incident the guardians of the girls arrange the marriage of their girl and they promise the grooms family that the girl is mature enough to bear the responsibilities of a family---


What an irony!!!!---it’s the same girl who was INNOCENT and IMMATURE just six months ago and suddenly in last six months she has become MATURE enough !!!! Six months ago she was not capable to maintain even a single relationship (LOVE) and now suddenly she is ready to maintain number of relationships, in-laws, husband etc through marriage.




I just wanna request The BOYS and The GIRLS….


Never make love just for fun…because your fun can destroy someone’s life. Before promising someone be sure to yourself that whether you have the capabilities to keep those promises in opposite situation in life, if not then don’t make false promises and don’t play with the emotion of others.


At first---try to understand and try to deeply realize what Love is…then start a relationship…



If you don’t have PURITY and TRUTH in your love, if you don’t have the tenacity to WAIT for your lover, if you don’t have the mentality to make SACRIFICES for your lover then be sure that---you never loved/can love someone truly ---


Live your life like a selfish person and yah it’s not a fault---it’s your choice....

but you don't have any authority to play with the emotions of a person.



“Life is not a bed of roses”----we carry on our struggles and fights in opposite situations when its related to our carrier or something only for us---but when we face obstacles in LOVE then we immediately withdraw ourselves from the relationship and after few months or years we find someone another with whom we can SECURE our life.




It’s better to kill someone than to break his heart brutally….Jyotirmoy Sarkar.


Guys I would like to have your comments, those are very valuable for me….

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